How to Retrieve Data after Disk Wipe?

Hard drive is the heart of computer system as it stores all data required by the user and the computer to run. However, while discarding the hard drive from computer for any reason, users should completely wipe the data present on it in terms of data security. But there are certain instances wherein users perform drive wipe accidentally and become a victim of huge data loss. The most frequent situations which result in data loss from hard drive due to performing disk wipe are given below:

  • Format Error: At times, hard drive throws Format error due to file system corruption; incorrect formatting / reformatting; corruption of Partition Table and many other reasons. In such instance, the only solution out is to format the drive which completely wipes all data present on it
  • Intentional Formatting: When system is performing slowly or if it is severely corrupted by malware and gets inaccessible; users intentionally format the hard drive and thus all data will be wiped out in few seconds

Though drive wipe is not a regular issue with computer users, it causes extreme loss of data preserved on hard drive when performed. In case any hard drive is wiped and data is lost, first and foremost users have to stop using the drive for any data read/ write processes. Because, formatted or wiped data can be recovered easily with the help of powerful data recovery programs if the drive is not overwritten.

Data retrieval tool for wiped hard drive:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the best utility that can restore data from wiped hard drive in quick fraction of time. This tool can retrieve all types of files like Word documents; excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, reports, compressed archives, program files, partition data, folders and many more from wiped drive without fail. It can regain lost and deleted data from hard drives having FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 and ReFS file systems on Windows computer. The software is compatible on Windows computers operated with Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 OS versions. All you need to do is download the demo version on to a healthy computer by connecting the wiped hard drive to it and then run the software. After seeing results, purchase the product key to save recovered data if you are satisfied the obtained output.

Steps to recover data from wiped hard drive:

  • Download the software on a healthy Windows computer and install it
  • Connect the wiped hard drive to this system and run the utility
  • In main screen, click on Formatted / Reformatted Recovery option and click next
  • Software shows a list of drives present on the system
  • Choose the drive that represents wiped hard drive connected externally to the system
  • After selecting the drive, choose the file types to be recovered in upcoming screen or else click on mark All
  • Then, software performs a scan of selected drive and comes up with restored files in two view types
  • Toggle between Data view and File Type view options to glance at the restored data
  • Save the rescued data in preferred location on host system drive by clicking on save button

Important Note:

  • Do not save retrieved data on to same wiped hard drive as it might lead to data overwriting
  • Always have backup of essential data from system drive on alternate storage devices
  • Maintain virus free system by installing powerful antivirus tool on it

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