How to Restore Deleted NTFS Partition

Dividing a hard drive into multiple partitions has many advantages like easy management of files, enhanced system performance, and so on. Especially, NTFS file system is widely preferred because of its high reliability, auditing, compressions, etc. NTFS has the ability to encrypt files and folders and also boost the performance of your Windows operating system.

However, sometimes, due to unfortunate instances NTFS partition might get deleted by mistake. When this happens all the data that is stored on the NTFS partition is erased. This is very depressing as lots of important files will be stored in NTFS partition. But don’t conclude that data is erased permanently. Although the NTFS partition is deleted, and cannot be found anywhere in the drive, it still resides in the hard drive itself. With the help of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software, recovering deleted NTFS partition along with its data is made easy.

Retrieve Deleted NTFS Partition using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool:

The software is built with robust mechanisms to scan the entire hard disk and restore deleted NTFS partition and its data on Windows system. The application recovers all files and folders with the file directories intact. Yodot Hard Drive Recovery helps to restore NTFS partition even after reinstallation, repartition, and so on.

  • The software recovers deleted, lost, corrupted or formatted NTFS partitions with ease
  • Apart from NTFS, the tool also restores data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5 and exFAT file systems
  • In addition, it is also capable of retrieving data from NTFS drive with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute
  • The utility supports deleted or lost data recovery from all Windows OS version, including the latest Windows 10

A few instances which result in loss of NTFS partition are described below:

  • While reinstalling Windows operating system, you might accidentally delete NTFS partition
  • Partition table damage or file system corruption may lead to loss of NTFS partition
  • Using unreliable third-party applications to perform recover or create / resize partitions results in deletion of partition
  • During repartitioning or formatting NTFS partition, any interruptions in between might corrupt the partition making it inaccessible
  • Registry issues, MBR corruption, device driver conflicts, etc., are few other reasons for losing NTFS partition

Steps to Restore Deleted NTFS Partition:

Note: Before installing this tool, make sure that the drive has necessary disk space and RAM required by the software. It is highly recommended to download the software on to healthy computer rather than victim drive.

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on a healthy Windows computer
  • Install the tool and run it by following the instructions
  • Main screen shows two options, “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Click on "Partition Recovery" option to perform recovery of deleted NTFS partition
  • Then, select the drive from which NTFS partition is deleted and click "Next"
  • Software scans entire drive and displays a list of recoverable files
  • Finally, after the recovery process, preview the files and save them on a preferred location

Necessary Tips:

  • Avoid actions like accidental deletion, verify twice before erasing any partition on Windows
  • Always keep proper backup of required files on external storage devices to overcome unexpected data deletion
  • After losing data from any storage drive, stop using the drive for further data activities

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