Recover Data from Erased Hard Drive

Hard drive is the essential part of your computer which holds entire data that you save upon it. To separate important data, it facilitates you to create partition with different memory space. One can store any data such as photos, videos, music, documents, ZIP files, RAR files, applications, etc to manage them in your computer hard drive. Although hard drive assists you to organize your data, sometimes you may accidentally erase it without checking content resided in it.

For instance, let us assume a situation wherein you have you have opened Windows Explorer to access data from D drive. But as soon as you clicked on the drive, you got an error message that “D drive cannot be accessed”. Seeing this message you got shocked and without thinking much, you formatted that drive by right clicking and choosing “Quick Format” option. Now you gained access to D drive, but it showed 0 bytes of files. In case data on erased hard drive is not that important, then you might go further to save new files in D drive. However, situation becomes worst when you realize that you have lost precious data whose backup has not maintained. Well, don’t lose hope in that situation, since you are able to restore all your data with the assistance of secured hard drive recovery software. Before that let us know the causes accountable for data loss after erasing hard drive:

  • Creating New Partition:When your computer hard drive has two partitions you may decide to create one more partition. But at the time of creating new partition, you may accidentally erase existing partition of your computer hard drive
  • Reformatting: To get better security and enhancement, you may choose to reformat and change file system of hard drive. If you do not take backup of data saved on hard drive before reformatting it, then you will lose complete data
  • OS Reinstallation: While reinstalling operating system, you will get a step which asks you to format partition on hard drive to install operating system. Without glancing over the drive properly, you may select partition that has important files and folders and erase that partition
  • Inaccessible Hard Drive: Users format hard drive when it becomes inaccessible due to software malfunction, virus intrusion, hard drive corruption, operating system corruption, etc. Formatting or erasing hard drive deleted complete data saved on it

Erased hard drive data recovery software

These days recovering data from wiped hard drive is not all an issue as you can find many hard drive data recovery software over internet. Out of many recovery tools, the mostly used one is Yodot Hard Drive Recovery. This software is designed to restore entire data from erased hard drive which is formatted with FAT, NTFS, ExFAT and ReFS file systems. It takes less time to examine your hard drive and displays its logical drives along with details such as total memory, hard drive type and file system. It allows you to specifically choose files or select entire data by providing option named “Skip”. You may sometimes find it difficult to search for files that you want; hence it has built in with two view types namely “Data View” and “File Type View”. These two view types show files according to their file extension and in folder structure. One can restore data from internal as well as external storage drives manufactured by Toshiba, Transcend, Samsung, LG, Kingston, LaCie, Western Digital, etc.

Procedure to get back data from erased hard drive

  • First of all download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Soon after installation, run it to begin the erased hard drive data recovery process
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select anyone based on the situation you have come across
  • Now choose logical hard drive from where you want to regain date
  • Allow it to scan by clicking on “Next” and then select recoverable files by just marking on the check box beside files; click on “Skip” option if you want to restore complete data
  • Now files will be displayed in two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  •  Choose and preview required media files and at last save them to safe location on your computer hdd or on any portable storage drive

Tips to Remember:

  • Always create backup of vital files before commencing deletion or formatting of hard drive
  • Make sure that you run antivirus software soon after downloading file or folder from internet

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