How to Restore Data from Failed External HDD?

With invent of Cloud storage, users can save all their data on online and can be accessed from anywhere. External hard drives are the main source of backup for all the computer personals who do not have access to online storage services as it requires use of internet if you need to access your files.

Some of the major competitors that manufacture external hard drives include Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Maxtor, Kingston etc. These external hard drives are available in various sizes and have the capacity to store large volume of information without any difficulty. While storing or accessing data from external hard drive, some unexpected turn of events can occur which may cause failure of external hard disk.

Some of scenarios that can lead to failure of external hard drive are:

  • Virus infection is one the major reason for failure of external hard drive. Severe virus/malware’ infection can damage the file system of external hard drive which can stop working at any instant of time
  • Sudden system failure while accessing or transferring files from external hard drive can lead to failed external hard drive
  • Use of same external hard drive by many computers over the network can also cause external hard drive failure, which blocks access to all the files and folders
  • Abrupt halt to drive formatting or repartitioning process can bring failure of external hard drive causing loss of valuable files

Can data be recovered from a failed external hard drive?

Definitely Yes!!! There is no need to get upset when your removable hard drive fails to work! External hard drive has just failed, not the data that has been saved in it. Recovering data from failed external hard drive can be easily done if one utilizes Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool.

About Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is a well-known tool that can be employed for attempting data recovery on failed external hard drive. It is built with powerful scanning algorithms to effectively rescue entire files from failed external hard drive on various Windows computer. Once the scanning process gets completed, restored data can be sorted on the basis of file name, size of the file, date in which the file was created, file type and so on. The most welcomed feature of this application is that it won’t allow you to save the recovered data to the same location from where it was lost and hence it avoids the possibility of data getting overwritten.

Simple steps to recover data from failed hard drive on Windows OS:

  • Plug in your failed external hard drive to another healthy Windows laptop / desktop
  • Now, download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool
  • Run the application and follow the guidelines that are provided on the main screen
  • From first window, click on “Partition Recovery” option to regain data that is present in failed external hard drive
  • After selecting the option, this program will take you to the next screen where list of drives present on the system are shown(including external drive)
  • Select the drive or partition from where data  has been lost
  • Once this is done the product starts recovery process
  • As soon as the recovery process gets completed, a list of rescued files and folders will be displayed
  • Make use of Data View / File Type view options for previewing recovered data
  • Browse and select preferred target location where retrieved data has to be saved

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Avoid abrupt removal of external hard drive during read or write process
  • Install best antivirus application to prevent virus / malware attack
  • Regularly defrag the logical drive to improve performance of the computer (not related to external drive)

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