Rescue Hard Drive Files That Have Become Shortcuts

“Hello guys, I am facing problem in accessing certain files on my system hard drive. All files in a folder have changed to shortcuts that refuse to open after I updated Windows OS. This folder consisted of documents, Excel reports and certain image files related to my project work. I even ran antivirus scan on hard drive, but I was unable to recover these shortcut files. Is there any possible way to recover files on hard drive that have changed to shortcut? Someone please suggest me appropriate method to regain shortcut files on hard drive.”

Files on hard drive of a computer can turn into shortcuts and induce troubles at any given instance. The prime reason behind files changing into shortcuts is malware attack to the drive. Virus infection to hard drive can create many blunders among which shortcut files is one. Whenever harmful viruses invade hard drive if it corrupts header of any files, then such files will become shortcuts and cannot be opened. This happens because file header holds all critical file information required to access / open that file in specific application on system. There are various scenarios in which hard drive can get affected by malicious viruses; some of them are:

  • Downloading files from unsecure online sites can make path for entry of harmful viruses along with files
  • Connecting external storage devices or digital gadgets carrying spyware to system can lead to malware infection
  • Outdated or absence of reliable antivirus tool on system hard drive is another main cause as it doesn’t stop viruses from invading hard drive

As hard drive gets infected by spyware like Trojan Horse, Worm, etc. files saved on it can become shortcuts and at worse may get corrupted severely. However, this situation can be dissolved completely and files can be recovered without much effort if one uses powerful third party data recovery software.

Shortcut file recovery tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the best solution to rescue shortcut files from hard drive without any damage. Built with high-tech recovery modules this tool can extract data that is lost in catastrophic situations on system hard drive. Along with shortcut files, this tool is expert in recovering inaccessible data from hard drive that is corrupted, formatted, failed, dead or unbootable due to various reasons. With the help of this program recovery of hidden files from virus infected hard disk, SSD, external hard drive, FireWire drive, USB pen drive and other storage devices is at your finger tips. This utility can be employed to rescue data on Windows PC and laptop hard drives that operate with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS versions.

Recovery steps to get back shortcut files from hard drive:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on a healthy Windows system other than victim hard drive and install it
  • Launch the program and wait till main screen gets displayed
  • Here click on “Partition Recovery” option to extract shortcut files on hard drive
  • Clicking next, select drive that represents virus infected hard drive on which files have changed to shortcuts
  • Then mention the partition in which files have turned shortcut and to precise the process, you can select the file types to be recovered
  • Else, click on “Mark All” option to select all file types by default and proceed for scanning process
  • Progress of scanning process on chosen hard drive will be displayed through status bar
  • As scanning completes, view rescued files in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Further, examine details of each recovered file by clicking on ‘Preview’ option
  • Finally, click on “Save” and mention destination location to store all necessary files

Necessary Tips:

  • Always update efficient antivirus program on system hard drive to clean malicious viruses that cause shortcut files
  • Avoid downloading files from suspicious sites online when antivirus tool is not activated on system