Restore Data from Freezing External Hard Drive

“I have been in a problem with my external hard drive for some time now. The external hard drive worked fine for few months, then at one point it started freezing frequently and I was unable to view or transfer any data in or out causing the transfer to hang for about twenty seconds. One of my friends has suggested me to format external hard drive. But it has lots of valuable files and folders. How can I recover data from my freezing external hard drive?”

As external hard drives are mainly intended for storing and sharing huge amount of data in daily basis, the requirement of these devices is much in this corporate world. However, freezing of external hard drive can take place due to various factors rendering its data inaccessible for further usage as mentioned in above scenario. Let us discuss reasons behind freezing of external hard drive one by one in next sections.

Causes for freezing of external hard drive are:

Mishandling of the device becomes primary mistake done by most of the users that causes sudden freezing of external hard drive. In many circumstances, users tends to be in urgency while transferring huge amount of data to / from external hard drive; before completion of actual data transferring process they might eject the device abnormally that in turn results in freezing of the device.

In some instances, users are careless about platform or device that there are going to use external hard drive. Such negligence make path to enter external threats like viruses or malware into the device and corrupt its file system, which leads to sudden hangout of the device. Sometimes carelessness toward ejecting the external hard dive using specified steps; over usage, formation of bad sectors and other related issues can cause sudden freezing of external hard drive.

All these mistakes of users might contribute to abrupt freezing of external hard drive while accessing or sharing valuable data. In some unfortunate situations, freezing of external HD can make you to format the device and throw you at the end of data loss; because, you might ignore or forget about backuping its data on other devices. If you are in such condition, now you will be the happiest person in the world because here you will find appropriate data recovery application such as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to perform freezing external hard drive data recovery on Windows PC.

Recovering data after freezing external hard drive:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the secure data recovery app used by most of the users to retrieve lost or missing data from freezing external hard drive on Windows system. You can even use this HDD recovery utility to restore data from formatted, corrupted or unmountable external hard drive and other storage device. The software is built with an advanced scanning algorithm that scans each and every sector of the external hard drive to bring back data. This application supports data recovery from FAT and NTFS partitions present on the external hard drive. This is a read-only recovery tool that doesn’t modify the contents of original data while extracting the data from external hard drive. It facilitates the compression of rescued data in ZIP archive to save disk space. It works well with various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003.

Procedure to recover data from freezing external hard drive:

  • First download Yodot Hard Drive recovery software and install it on health Windows computer
  • Then connect freezing external hard drive to that Windows system
  • Run the application by clicking on shortcut icon created on desktop and follow data recovery procedure present on screen
  • In main screen you see two option i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery”
  • Select appropriate option depending on the data loss situation from freezing external hard drive
  • The HD recovery tool scans the entire system and displays all internal and external hard drive partitions
  • Select the particular drive that represents your external hard drive and click on “Next” option
  • In next screen, you can choose a particular file types or simply press “Skip” option to select all file types by default
  • After this, the application starts scanning the selected drive and displays recovered data in either “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • Finally, save the retrieved data to your preferred location on the computer. However no to the same freezing external hard drive in order to avoid data overwriting

Useful Tips:

  • Avoid connecting your external hard drive to virus or malware contaminated computer
  • It’s good to cross check the external hard drive for important data before you format or delete the data from drive
  • Avoid conducting file transfer process when there is constant power fluctuate or surge

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