Recovery of Files from an Unbootable Dead Computer

“Recently I found that my computer is booing too slowly, it used to take about 15 minutes to turn on completely and after after few minutes it used to turned off abnormally!!! Yesterday when I restarted my PC, I observed black screen with set of statements. At last it concluded that the system failed to boot its hard disk drive and become dead. I have huge amount of valuable data on my Windows hard drive. How to recover files from an unbootable dead computer?”

Most of the PC users encounter a situation as mentioned in above scenario. Generally, this kind of scenario occurs due to numerous reasons, few of the prominent reasons are:

  • Harmful external threats like virus and other malware programs become primary reason behind unbootable system. If you neglect about installing and updating genuine Antivirus software in your PC, then you are the victim of losing large quantity of data from unbootable hard drive
  • Unsecured softwares that you have installed from internet may turn into dangerous Trojan horse, which make your system dead. In such situation computer fail to boot its hard drive and blocks you from accessing your essential data saved in it
  • Improper way of installing dual operating system, deadly Blue Screen of Death error, formation of bad media spots on hard drive, etc are also factors for unbootable dead computer

If your system become unbootable and inaccessible due to any of the reasons explained above and if you don’t possess backup for your essential files and folders of unbootable dead computer, then you can restore missing or inaccessible files using relevant data retrieval software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Software to get back files from unbootable dead computer:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool efficiently restore files from unbootable dead computer. It has been crafted using advanced algorithms to bring back missing files from dead hard drive on Windows system. You can even rescue data from computer after accidental formatting / reformatting of HD partitions, hard drive corruption, operating system malfunction, etc on Windows system. Even if Western Digital, Seagate, Iomega eGo hard drive are not working, this tool can easily get back data from them. Not just hard drives, the tool can also retrieve deleted or lost files from pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards, etc. It supports recovery of data from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExtFAT Windows partitions. This program can unerase data from different versions of MS Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and the most recent Windows 8 operating system.

Steps to recover data on Windows system:

  • Connect the unbootable dead computer hard drive to a healthy Windows desktop or laptop
  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program and install it to that Windows PC
  • Run the software and follow the main screen procedure
  • Select “Partition Recovery” option from main screen to bring back data from unbootable dead hard drive
  • Later the application scans and shows all the drives present in that Windows system including external connected HDD
  • Select the partition or drive from where you need to restore the files and click “Next” button
  • The tool scans that selected drive and shows all the missing or erased file from dead system hard drive
  • Mark all the files or folders which you want to bring back
  • Finally, save the retrieved files to your desired destination or any external storage devices, but not on to the same dead hard drive from where you recovered the data

Basic Instructions:

  • Have a look at third party application before installing them, because there are plenty of unauthentic apps ready to collapse your PC
  • Always maintain quality antivirus software and update it as specified
  • It is also advised to backup your essential files and folders on some other storage devices

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