How to Retrieve Data from Asus Zenbook Laptop’s?

“Yesterday my friend was using my Asus Zenbook laptop, but unfortunately he had removed some folders from my laptop. Actually I had stored all office documents, pictures of my journey to Paris on work purpose and some other important business files which very essential were saved in deleted folders. Now I need to find a way back to get them back. Can anyone help me please????”

Asus Zenbook laptops are ultra sleek and extra responsive ultrabooks. Similar to other laptops even these Zenbook use hard drive as storage space for saving data on it. Same way the data stored on Asus Zenbook laptop can get lost due to diverse reasons. Few data loss situations responsible for loss or deletion of data from Asus Zenbook laptop are listed below:

  • Accidental formatting of partitions on your Asus Zenbook Notebook hard drive
  • Unintended deletion of your crucial data from Asus Zenbook by pressing “Shift + Delete“ keys together
  • Virus or suspicious threats infection on Asus Zenbook hard drive is another cause for data loss
  • Error occurred during re-partitioning the hard drive on Asus Zenbook can cause file system corruption and make you lose data
  • Data from Zenbook can also get deleted due to operating system failure or OS re-installation
  • Failure or crash of Asus Zenbook laptop hard drive will make you lose your important data that are present on it

If you came across any of the circumstance as mentioned above while using your Asus Zenbook, don’t get anxious. Lost data from your Zenbook can be easily recovered using any of the third party application tools available on market. This is possible because whenever data is deleted/lost from Asus Zenbook, the operating system will not erase the contents of file from storage medium, rather it will remove file index information from the file system table. Hence you can restore data before it is over written with new data by taking the help of professional data recovery software.

Asus Zenbook data recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is most recommended professional data recovery software to rescue lost or deleted data from Asus Zenbook laptop. This tool uses an advanced scanning technology that scans the entire laptop hard drive sector-by-sector and retrieves data from Asus Zenbook. This application has the ability to locate deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted FAT or NTFS partitions from Zenbook hard drive and recover data from them. Moreover, this can be used for retrieving data from computer hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and other storage media on Windows OS. The software allows you to compress your restored data before storing onto preferred location, to save disk space on your Asus Zenbook laptop.

Steps to get back data from Asus Zenbook laptop

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to your Asus Zenbook
  • Run the software to begin the recovery process and follow the instructions present on screen
  • The software displays two options in the main screen. i.e., ”Partition Recovery” and “Formatted  / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Choose one option from the main screen depending on your data loss situation
  • The application starts scanning and displays all the physical and logical drives present in your Asus Zenbook laptop
  • Select physical drive from which your data is to be retrieved and press ”Next” option
  • Then you will get a display screen with different file types, you can make a selection of particular file type or simply click on “skip” option to choose all file types by default
  • After the scanning process is completed, it will display all the recovered data from your Asus Zenbook laptop
  • View the recovered data in two types of view. i.e., “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Save the recovered data to your desired location either on laptop or other external storage device(apart from which physical drive you retrieved data)


  • Always update your anti-virus application to protect your Asus Zenbook from virus infection
  • Regularly take backup of your Asus Zenbook data, so that you can restore it after data loss disaster
  • Defragment your laptop hard drive regularly to boost up the performance of Asus Zenbook