Regain Data from Clicking Laptop Hard Drive

“Hi guys, my laptop was making clicking noise from past few days on start up. Today as I turned on the laptop, it totally stopped to boot. I have hoarded crucial Office files on this laptop drive, for which I lack backup. Is there any way out to bring back data from this laptop hard drive? Please suggest me proper method to retrieve my data back. Thanks in advance.”

Featuring the abilities to carry one’s data and accomplish required tasks, laptop is the most efficient means to carry your work everywhere you go. A laptop that includes all the features of a desktop is widely used more than desktops across the world. However, alike in desktop data from laptop hard drive can go in vain if the hard drive stops working. One cause for non working of laptop hard drive is inducing of clicking noise.

Laptop hard drive making clicking noises:

Generally, clicking noise is induced by laptop hard drives when there are severe issues related to software or hardware components of hard drive. And also clicking sound is an indication that hard drive may shortly become dead or may fail to work and user should immediately backup all files before it is too late. The most common causes for clicking sounds of laptop hard drive are given below:

  • Any damage to graphics card drivers on laptop hard drive can induce this clicking sound
  • If hard drive is severely fragmented, then hard drive may induce unknown sounds
  • Frequently working on your laptop when it is showing low battery power
  • Read / write head crash or other issues related with hard drive platter
  • Other factors like boot sector corruption, malfunctioning of OS, missing of certain program files related to read / write functionality, overheating, etc. will also induce clicking noise in laptop hard drive

Usually, when hard drive of laptop produces clicking sound, users may try to open the drive from laptop in thought of fixing it. But, this kind of actions with clicking hard drive can still worse the condition by making it completely corrupt, resulting in permanent data loss from that drive. Hence, it is highly recommended not to operate any tasks on clicking hard drive of laptop or desktop in order to save all vital data from being permanently lost. Also, one should make use of professional data recovery tool to achieve complete recovery of data from clicking laptop hard drive.

How to recover data from clicking laptop hard drive?

This query might be troubling the laptop users when the hard drive gives clicking sounds. But any more, as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is here. This software is brilliant enough to retrieve data from clicking laptop hard drive with utmost ease. Developed by group of data recovery professionals, the software is embedded with read-only safe recovery modules which will restore each and every file from laptop and desktop hard drives that is inaccessible, dead, failed, corrupt, unbootable and not working due to various factors. Also, this tool can recover data like Office files, program files, compressed files, text files, folders, etc. from other storage devices like external hard disk, USB flash drive, Firewire drive, SSD, memory cards and so on. One can utilize this tool on Windows operated desktops and laptops like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Guidelines to restore data from clicking laptop hard drive:

  • Download Yodot Hard drive Recovery program on a healthy Windows computer
  • Connect your laptop hard drive that is making clicking noise to this system
  • Install and launch the tool by following given instructions
  • In main screen you will be provided two major options like “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Click on Partition Recovery option and proceed to next step
  • Upcoming screen depicts list of drives including logical and physical drives present on the system
  • Choose the drive that represents externally connected laptop hard drive from which data has to be recovered
  • Next, select the file types that you prefer to retrieve from the drive or simply click Mark All
  • By clicking Next, the software will perform a quick scan of chosen laptop drive within few seconds
  • After scanning process gets completed, all restorable files will be listed under Data View / File Type view
  • Toggle between these two view types to go through rescued files and select required files to save
  • Specify target location on host system drive and click on Save to save selected files

Useful Information:

  • Always verify all irregularities of the laptop hard drive before it gets corrupt and inaccessible
  • If your laptop makes clicking noise at the startup or while working on it then immediately take backup of all essential files on it
  • Regularly perform Chkdsk on laptop hard drive to overcome bad media spots and other issues of hard drive

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