How to Get Data from Corrupted Partition?

A computer or laptop hard drives consists of different type of partitions depending upon the size and file system like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and others. The user can save a particular type of file in the respective partition as desired. Let’s say you have stored image files in one partition, video and audio data in the other and all documents in a separate partition. Accessing files from these partitions is very easy as you just have to double click on the respective logical drive to open it. Sometimes due to certain errors in the file system or as result of virus infection, your partition gets corrupted.

Corrupt partition gives you a lot of head ache as the data saved in it cannot be accessed. No matter what application you try, the end result is same. There is no need to get anxious, as only the access to partitions present in the hard drive is being blocked due to drive corruption, but the files stored on corrupted partition are safe without being damaged. So, if you need to access files and folders from corrupted partition, you need to make use of appropriate partition data recovery program.

Scenarios that might cause partition corruption are:

  • Virus Infection: This is considered to be the main reason that is behind partition corruption. The infectious program damages the file system and makes the drive unavailable for storing data. Viruses gets access in to the system from different sources; the most important one is from internet when some files are being downloaded without proper antivirus protection or when user transfers data from computer that is already infected with viruses
  • Format Error: Abrupt halt during the process of formatting the respective partition from system may lead to partition corruption, which causes loss of valuable data from that partition. Therefore one should be careful during the format process and complete it by following the proper procedure
  • Abrupt System Shut-Down: Abrupt system shut down during the process of data transfer from one partition to other partition can also result in your logical drive being corrupted which blocks access to the data that is saved in it

Corrupted partition data recovery software

All that needs to be done now to recover data from damaged partition is to install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery, which is one of the leading utility that is recommended by most of the computer experts when to solve issues with corrupted partition. With the help of powerful scanning engines, this utility can find and extract data from damaged partition without any delay. Using this recovery product, you can not only restore data from corrupted partition but also from partitions that have been accidentally formatted or reformatted and deleted or lost from Windows hard drive. Separate option is provided for you to preview the restored files before saving to destination location.

Follow the simple steps to get access to files from corrupted partition:

  • Download and install the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool in the system
  • To install the application in the system you must be logged in as local system administrator
  • Once the installation process gets completed you can see the software icon on desktop screen
  • Double click on it to launch the tool and follow the onscreen instructions provided
  • In the main screen click on Partition Recovery that will take you to the next screen
  • Here the list of drives from your computer will be present
  • Select the corrupted drive and proceed to the next screen which shows the details of the scanning process
  • After the completion of recovery process you can preview the recovered files before saving them

Backup Tips:

  • Keep backup of all the essential data in a separate external drive
  • Install good antivirus application to prevent virus infections in your computer
  • Use known third party tools for creating partitions in systems hard drive

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