Data Recovery from Crashed External Hard Disk

“Last time when I was in Rio, I took part in famous Carnival with my girlfriend and it was an unforgettable experience. I took lot of interesting photos and videos there with my digital camera along with my girlfriend. I had stored them in my external hard drive thinking it as the safest place for storing those priceless photos and videos. I didn’t take copy of those photos in my computer. About one week ago, one of my friends asked me to show him those photos. So I connected my external hard disk to the computer, but it turned out to be inaccessible and the system cannot read data on the drive. And the computer suggested me to format the external hard disk for reusing it again. I did not want to do it, so I need your help. If any of you knows how to recover data from crashed external hard disk, please let me know. Thank you!!!”

With the popularity of external/ removable hard disk drives, people are often using them to store their personal or business data. The external hard drive certainly brings much more convenience in our daily life. However, data from these external hard drives can also get lost due to any scenario as explained in the beginning

Symptoms of external hard disk crash:

External hard disk failure is normally noted when the computer does not recognize the hard drive when it is connected to the system. This is the first sign of a major external hard drive failure. Another key symptom is that the external hard disk begins to make loud clicking noises when it has spindle and platter problems. This clicking noise is a sign of an imminent crash. In such situation, you have to unplug the external hard disk to prevent it from further damage. However, it is better to find out whether all these symptoms are due to physical damage or simply file system problems.

How are you going to confirm that you external hard drive has a problem? Simply connect other properly working external hard disk to the USB port of the computer. If that drive is recognized by the computer, then there should be some problem with original external hard disk. Once you come to know that your external hard disk is going to crash, then immediately backup your entire data stored on the external hard disk.

If your external hard disk gets crashed and you don’t have any backup of data saved on external hard drive, then you need not worry. There are several data recovery tools available, which can retrieve data from severely crashed external hard disks; Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software is one among them that works efficiently on Windows platform to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors, from crashed HDD, severely corrupted hard disk drives, and formatted HDD.

Crashed external hard disk data retrieval:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is an efficient data recovery tool which is used by most of the Windows PC users to retrieve their data from crashed external hard disk. This application easily recovers data from external hard drives or other USB storage devices even after formatting or reformatting drives for several times. The software is built with an efficient disk scanning program that scans each and every block of the external hard disk to retrieve lost or erased data. The application also retrieves lost FAT or NTFS partitions after partitioning the drive for multiple times. It not only finds them, but can also validate and classify the found partitions as healthy or corrupt partition. This software can be easily used by every individual and it does not require much technical knowledge to use this tool. This utility can recover data from not initialized hard drive, external hard drive, USB drives, and other storage device running under any Windows operating system including the latest Windows 10.

How to utilize Yodot Hard Drive Recovery on Windows system?

  • First connect your crashed external hard disk to Windows computer
  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on the system to which you connected crashed external hard disk
  • Run the software to start recovery process and follow the instructions present on screen
  • In main screen, you will get two options i.e. “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select the appropriate option based on your data loss situation occurred in external hard disk
  • The software scans the entire system and displays all drives including the crashed external hard disk
  • Select the appropriate external drive from which you need to retrieve data and click on “Next” button
  • In next Tab you can choose a particular file types or simply press “Skip” option to select all file types by default
  • The application will display all the recovered data from selected external drive and you can preview them either in “Data view” or “File Type view”
  • Use “Save Recovery Session” option to save the scanned information, so that you can avoid rescanning the external hard disk
  • Finally save the recovered data to your desired destination location (and not to the portable drive from which you are trying to retrieve data)

Useful Tips:

  • Install good security program to protect your essential data stored on computer and external hard drive
  • Don’t use any of the third party application to create or delete partitions on external hard disk
  • Avoid connecting external hard disk to virus infected computer

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