Undelete Partition on Windows XP

Often we find a single partition present on most of the Windows XP computers, which stores all data including the OS and other user files. But many users prefer create multiple partitions on their hard drive so that data can be stored in an ordered way. However, it so happens that the partitions on Windows XP get accidentally deleted which wipes out every bit of information saved on them. Windows XP system users are always obsessed with the recovery of data from partitions that got accidentally deleted.

Some of the reasons that lead to the deletion of partition from Windows XP:

  • OS Reinstallation: Windows XP OS needs to be re-installed when system crashes or fails to boot OS normally due to some logical failures. Less knowledge about the OS re-installation process can cause huge data loss as the user may accidentally delete the partition which removes all the information that was saved in it
  • Partitioning Process: Use of incompatible third party applications for partitions process or incorrect way of re-partitioning hard drive on Windows XP system can sometimes result in huge loss of information as the tool deletes the partitions without the user’s confirmation
  • Inaccessible Partition: Due to virus infection the file system of the partition or entire hard drive gets corrupted and the only way out is to delete or format the partition, which in turn deletes all files

Other than these, there are many scenarios that cause deletion of partition from the Windows XP computer. But, no need to worry! This is not the permanent loss of data, as only the index information of data is removed from file allocation table. So, data still remains in the same place where it was saved prior to partition deletion and you can restore it with the help of suitable partition recovery tool.

Windows XP partition recovery tool

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is a very well known and popular application that is used to restore data when the user faces any one of the situations as mentioned above. With the help of advanced techniques, this tool effectively scans the entire Windows XP hard drive in minimum amount of time and displays the recovered list of files. Make use of the Save Recovery Session feature that is specifically provided in this software, so that user can save the recovery process at any point of time and resume it at later stage without the need to rescan the entire drive again. The demo version of this tool is available so that the user can evaluate the results obtained by data recovery tool and purchase the key to activate the full version. Yodot Hard Drive data recovery product can be easily installed on all latest versions of Windows operating systems.

Follow the simple guidelines to restore deleted partition in Windows XP:

  • Connect your Windows XP hard disk to a healthy Windows operating system
  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to the computer
  • To install the program you need to login as local system administrator
  • Launch the program and follow the instructions provided to you on the main screen
  • The two options that are present on the main screen are “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Click on first option in order to recover the deleted partition
  • The software now scans the entire drive and lists them
  • Select the Win XP hard drive that is externally connected to the computer
  • This program scans that entire hard drive and recovered the information from deleted partition on Windows Xp
  • Finally, save the rescued data to the destination location as available to the host operating system user

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Double check the files before deleting them and use known third party application for partitioning process
  • Keep back up of important data in separate external hard drive before doing re-partitioning hard drive

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