Retrieving Data from Dell Vostro Laptop

Data loss is the most experienced crisis for almost all computer or laptop users. So if you have lost some of your crucial files from Dell Vostro laptop, you should not be surprised at this. You are not alone here who is frustrated upon losing data but many people go through this at least once and most of them successfully recover their data from Vostro laptop just by using some basic instructions given for data recovery. So, you can also get back your data from Dell Vostro laptop and it will become too easy with this informative guide.

However, first look at some common data loss circumstances:

  • Data loss is possible when user makes error while managing partitions on Vostro hard drive
  • Partition may get delete, inaccessible or unrecognized in Dell Vostro laptop as a result data loss may take place
  • You may delete some useful data from your Vostro laptop using Shift Delete keys and later realize your mistake when you really need that deleted file
  • Accidentally formatting any partition after format error or when re-installing OS is commonly happened data loss incidents for Vostro laptop users
  • Sometimes, viruses may prove to be highly effective in your laptop and can hide or deleted most of the files and folders from corrupted Dell Vostro notebook hard drive

When it comes about data loss, the best prevention is to be ready with backup of all necessary data that can easily be used to regain lost data on Vostro laptop. However in the absence of backup, you can utilize any trustworthy data recovery tool in case of a data loss emergency. Using third party app to retrieve data from Dell Vostro is really an easy approach.

Dell Vostro laptop data recovery tool!

You don’t need to be disappointed when you lost your essential data from Dell Vostro. You can easily get back all your missing or erased data with Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool. This software has outstanding features to perform fastest data recovery from Dell Vostro laptop installed with the all popular Windows OS versions such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008. This utility helps users in restoring data from Dell XPS 15 laptop, Dell Inspiron laptop and other laptop models released from Dell and other manufacturers like Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony, hp, Acer etc. Any user can effectively use this data recovery utility to achieve complete data recovery from Vostro laptop hard drive after accidental deletion, formatting, corruption and other data loss accidents.

Following steps will restore data from Dell Vostro laptop

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool m and install it on your Dell Vostro laptop
  • Now begin data recovery by launching the software main wizard where you get data recovery instructions
  • In the main window, you can see two options, “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select an option that is the best match for the data loss situation that has been happened on your Vostro laptop and go for next screen
  • Next window displays all the drives/partition that are available in your Dell Vostro laptop
  • Choose the drive from where you need to restore data
  • Mark all files which needs to be retrieved or just click on ‘Skip’ option which by this tool selects all retrieved files by default
  • Now this utility initiates scanning your Vostro laptop hard drive and takes less time to list out all recovered files that are represented in “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • Preview option is there for you that helps in previewing recovered media files before save operation
  • Finally browse to choose the location where you want to save recovered data on your Dell Vostro laptop; also you can save restored files on any external storage drive


  • Stop using Dell Vostro laptop to avoid data overwriting after you encounter data loss event
  • Save backup of all essential data to other storage drive and use it if you lose data from Dell Vostro laptop
  • Keep your Dell Vostro laptop hard drive protected with an excellent anti-virus tool and avoid unexpected data loss

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