How to Retrieve Data from Dell XPS 15?

“I use Dell XPS 15 laptop with Windows 8.1 OS in it. I have number of files, photos, games, etc. in this laptop that is very required for my professional work. Recently, the laptop froze all of a sudden for many times and I used to press Power button to resume back. After this, I would scan the hard disk with proficient antivirus tool installed in it. However, today laptop froze and did not turn up again. All my confidential data is stuck in my laptop and need to get it back somehow. Can anyone guide me on how to rescue data from Dell XPS 15 laptop without much difficulty?”

One of the best Notebook models by Dell is XPS 15 that provides high-end performance with outstanding features. It’s excellent QHD display with 3200x1800 pixels resolution; light weight design; Intel core processor; superb graphics card, etc. make this Dell laptop more eye-catching. However, data stored in XPS 15 laptop hard drive is not completely safe as unforeseen scenarios cause huge data loss. Some of the commonly encountered instances where data from Dell XPS 15 is lost are like below:

  • Installing or re-installing OS in a wrong method can make hard drive on Dell XPS 15 corrupt and unreadable
  • Errors during repartitioning or creating new partition on Dell XPS laptop hard drive can lead to partition or complete hard drive corruption making all its data unavailable
  • Formatting / reformatting Dell XPS 15 laptop drive after format error or other hard drive corruption issues will cost heavy data loss
  • Installing unsecure applications on Dell XPS 15, incorrect Windows updates, boot sector corruption due to virus intrusion and other software conflicts can induce huge data loss from laptop

When data becomes inaccessible on Dell XPS 15 laptop, then only solution would be stop using the laptop for any activities and immediately make use of excellent third party data recovery tool like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

Dell XPS 15 laptop data recovery tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the best third party data retrieval tool that can effortlessly rescue unreadable or inaccessible data from Dell XPS 15 laptop hard drive. Other than Dell XPS 15 laptop hard drive, this software is even capable of retrieving data from HP Pavilion, Lenovo ThinkPad, Toshiba Satellite and other laptop models with much ease. Other than laptop hard disk, it includes advanced read-only algorithms that securely rescue files from desktop hard drive, external hard drive, USB pen drive, SSD, FireWire drive and other storage devices. Also, one can use this utility to get data off Windows desktops and Tablet computers that work on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS versions.

Follow these steps to restore data from Dell XPS 15 laptop drive:

  • Download the software onto a healthy Windows system
  • Connect your Dell XPS 15 laptop drive to this system as secondary drive
  • Install the application and run it from Start menu
  • In main screen click on “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted /Reformatted Recovery” option based on data loss scenario
  • Next from the list of drives shown on screen, select the one that represents externally connected Dell XPS 15 laptop drive
  • Further, mention the file types that you would wish to restore; else click ‘Skip’ option
  • Then software scans selected Dell XPS 15 laptop hard drive whose status will be displayed in Progress bar
  • After scanning ends, toggle between ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type’ view to go through the list of rescued files
  • Later, preview any media file according to your choice and finally save recovered data to desired target location on host computer hard drive

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Do not carry out any processes on Dell XPS 15 laptop in wrong method
  • Always check for errors and other update issues at regular time intervals to reduce data loss risks
  • Backup necessary data from Dell XPS 15 laptop hard drive on external storage device

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