Restore Data from FAT 32 External Hard Drive

FAT 32 (File Allocation Table) is the one of the most used file system type in storage device. As FAT 32 support for both Windows as well as Mac operating system it plays vital role in organizing and accessing data in portable storage device like memory cards, pen drives, external hard drives, etc. Among these removable device external hard drives plays crucial role in storing and preserving huge amount of data. Nowadays almost all external hard drive formatted with FAT 32 file system to achieve fast data access rate and provides large storage capacity. These FAT 32 external hard drives are capable of storing a file size up to 4 GB.

However some unpleasant situations make data loss from FAT 32 external hard drive. Since these drives are help us to carry data by providing portability and get automatically detected by computer or any devices with compatible interface, FAT 32 external HDD’s are used in many systems. But, when FAT 32 file system of these external hard drives get corrupt, then operating system fails detect the device. In such situations, you might face data loss from the FAT 32 external HD.

Other factors that make data deletion or loss from FAT 32 external hard drives:

  • Unintentionally deleting the files and folders from FAT 3 external hard drive will leads to permanent removal of those files
  • Mistakenly formatting the FAT 32 external hard drive results in loss of complete data stored in it
  • Severe virus infection also major threat for losing or deleting files from FAT 32 external hard drive
  • Improper usage of FAT 32 external hard drive like ejecting the drive without using “Safe Remove Hardware” option or accidentally disconnecting the device while transferring data from the device makes data loss

Is it possible to restore data from FAT 32 external hard drives?

With appropriate and renowned Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application you can rescue deleted or lost data FAT 32 external HDD on Windows system. It can bring back each and every bit of erased data due to above discussed scenarios. User can also retrieve missing data from corrupted or non booting FAT 32 external HDD. Along with FAT 32, the application can regain data from other Windows file systems like FAT, FAT 16, NTFS, NTFS 5, and ExtFAT. This program even get back lost or deleted data from various brands of FAT32 external hard disks such as Toshiba, Transcend, Dell, SanDisk, Dell, Lenovo, etc. The software supports different Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to perform FAT 32 external hard drive recovery on Windows PC:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application and install it to your Windows system
  • Then connect FAT 32 external hard drive to that Windows computer system
  • Launch the software and monitor the main screen instructions
  • In main screen you can choose “Volume Recovery” option and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option
  • Opt any of the options based on data loss scenario
  • In next screen you will find all the drives present in that Windows PC, You have to select the drive that denoted your FAT 32 external HDD
  • Wait for few instances until that external hard drive get scanned completely
  • Now the program displays missing or erased data and to view retrieved files and folders you have to shift between two options i.e. Data view and File type view
  • Mark your desired files from the recovered list and  click on “Next” button
  • At last, browse for your preferred location to save rescued data (But not to the same FAT 32 external drive from where you lost the data)

Precautionary tips:

  • After losing or deleting data from FAT 32 external hard drive, do not store any new data in it
  • Do not disconnect FAT 32 external hard drive abruptly, it’s file system might  get corrupt
  • Avoid connecting FAT 32 external hard drive in unauthenticated systems

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