Get Back Files from HP Elite Notebook

There are many brands of notebooks that are available for us each of which has completely different set of features installed in it and have varying performance levels. So one can go with the brand or can check out with the features of the device before buying them. Among the different notebook available this HP Elite notebook is gaining rapid popularity.

Here are some of its features of HP Elite notebook that make it the number 1 recognized brand around the world. Some of these notebooks have been equipped with the power of workstation and additional options are provided to increase its graphics. The memory space provided to store your data is far more than compared to other notebooks; this allows us to store all formats of digital information. It has been developed with finger print reader that provides extra security to your system.

Sometimes it so happens that while accessing files stored in HP Elite notebook, all of sudden your Hp Elite notebook crashes. This has a very bad effect on the files on which you were working on. Now after restarting the notebook, you find out that some files are missing from the place where you had saved them. There are many other scenarios that cause this loss of valuable information. Let’s get briefed about the other factors which dominate the files loss:

  • Improper shutdown of the system when the applications are still open will lead to loss of data
  • There are some third party applications which enhance the performance of your system, but at the same time they might delete certain files as a result of application malfunction
  • Due some faults, your notebook develops bad sectors and increase in these bad sectors will block access to the files that have been saved in your logical drive
  • While installing new operating system, you may end up in accidentally formatting the wrong drive, there by cleaning up all the files from the respective partition

About Hard Drive Recovery Software

This Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software has the ability to restore all files from your HP Elite Notebook which have been lost due to the scenarios that are mentioned above. Scanning of the entire drive is completed within minutes and retrieved information is listed on the basis of its file name, size of file, date in which your file was created and various signatures associated with those files. The recovered list of files includes saved emails, images, archive files, MS office documents and others. If you encounter any bad sectors in your hard drive, then use this tool to create disk images and later extract data from those image files.

Get familiar with the steps for performing recovery of data from HP Elite Notebook:

  • Download and install this recovery product in your system and then using the main screen of the tool begin your recovery process
  • As you see the main screen there will be two options provided to you one is “Partition Recovery” and one more “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select the option which is required and to go for next screen
  • As it pops out you’ll get all the set of drives that are present in your system
  • Mark the set of logical drives or a single drive from where data has been lost or deleted
  • Now this application starts scanning your drives and as soon as the process gets completed, recovered list of files is presented to you in “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • Select the data which needs to be recovered or just click on Skip button which by default selects all retrieved files
  • The user can also make use of “Save Recovery Session” to save recovery process and resume it at later stage when required
  • Now finally save the data in the location that is favored by you


  • Keep a backup of all the information that has been saved on your notebook
  • Stop using the notebook as soon as you encounter data loss scenarios
  • Always maintain different partitions on the system and install a good antivirus program and keep it upgraded

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