How to Retrieve Data from HP Pavilion Laptop?

“I have HP Pavilion laptop and it used to freeze while doing some work such as when surfing or trying to open emails or other files. When I discussed it with my friend, he has advised me to reinstall operating system. But my problem is that, I forgot to take backup of important data before reinstallation. It had huge collection of songs, photos, videos and documents related to my work. Can anyone tell me how to recover data from HP laptop after re-installing operating system?”

HP Pavilion is a line of personal computers produced by Hewlett Packard. It comes with built-in Bluetooth, web camera, microphone, three USB 2.0 ports, Windows 7 operating system, Wi-Fi, etc. for connectivity etc. But in spite of these great features there are some situations of data loss which cannot be prevented.

Laptop freezing is most common problem that may annoy lot of users when they don’t keep or update data backup. It’s real trouble when your HP Pavilion laptop hangs or stops working especially when you want to complete a critical project, which is half done. You didn’t even take backup of your work, so that you can complete it in another system. So how to deal with this problem and recover data from your HP Pavilion laptop hard drive. However, don’t get irritated. You can still manage to get back data from HP Pavilion with the help of hard drive recovery software.

What are that might result in loss of data from HP Pavilion Laptop?

  • Computer Viruses: Viruses are the programs that corrupt or interfere with the normal operations of your laptop and even cause destruction of files and folders present on its hard drive. Viruses can attach themselves to certain files and can delete it without any prior warning
  • Improper shut down of laptop: When you quit a program and files on HP pavilion laptop, it saves vital data and then exits the program. But if you just turn off your laptop without properly exiting the applications and closing your files, you may run the risk of losing your data
  • Crash of Hard Drive: Laptop of HP Pavilion laptop can get crash due to damage of read/write head, bad sectors on hard drive, operating system malfunction, re-partitioning errors, corruption of hard drive, etc.

If your HP Pavilion laptop has some minor issues then you can use Recovery CD that comes with it while purchasing. It helps you to restore your laptop back to its factory-shipped condition. But before you proceed, you should keep backup of important files. In case if you forget to take backup, then other option that can be suggested in this case is to use a comprehensive tool like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to safely restore data from HP Pavilion laptop hard disk.

Get back data from HP Pavilion laptop:

Yodot Hard drive recovery is built specially to recover files from hard drive after irrespective of the reason for data loss. You can retrieve variety of file types such as documents, photos, videos, movies, and etc. from your HP Pavilion laptop with ease using this software. It supports recovery of data from various brands and models of laptops manufactured by HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Sony, Dell and many more on Windows Os. It also helps to recover large sized files and all sorts of files from different storage media. User, who doesn’t have much technical knowledge, can operate this tool easily. It works well on desktop and laptops that are running on Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008.

Steps to retrieve files from HP Pavilion laptop are:

  • Download and install hard drive recovery software to the healthy computer or laptop
  • Then disconnect the hard drive from computer from where you lost data and connect it to healthy Windows PC
  • Run the software and follow the onscreen instructions as shown by this software
  • Select any option from the two options i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”
  • The software now displays all the drives present in your computer
  • Select the drive from where you want to recover files and click on “Next” button
  • The software starts scanning process and displays all the recovered files in two view types namely “Data Type” and “File Type”
  • Choose files by making use of these two view types
  • View files before saving by utilizing “Preview” option
  • Finally save retrieved files to the desired destination location on your Windows computer

Tips to prevent data loss:

  • Do not run too many programs at the same time as your laptop can freeze and stops working due to software conflicts
  • Utilize any good antivirus program as it can scan for unique items and purge it from your computer
  • Always quit and save your files before you shutdown your laptop

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