Recover PC Hard Drive

Personal computers have become an integral part of society with people depending on them for activities in both business and education field. The hard drive of a computer is the primary storage device that holds all the information even if your computer is turned off. For your computer to function normally, it must have a hard drive in place since it is the device that allows for long term data storage, which ranges from operating system to applications.

Suppose your PC suddenly stops responding to your commands, or the hard drive crashes, what can be done? Of course, you can buy a new hard drive for your PC, but what about the stored data on the failed hard drive? How precious was it for you? Did you back it up? Unfortunately, many home users, do not backup their system. In such situation, only one option to get your data back from hard drive is to recover with the help of competent Yodot hard rive recovery tool.

Hard drive data loss can happen due to any of the below mentioned scenarios:

  • Accidental Formatting: There is possibility of accidentally formatting a partition using Disk Management utility or while re-installing the operating system. For an instance while formatting E: drive you could have selected D: drive and formatted it. Formatting erases complete data saved on that partition.
  • Intentional Formatting: Sometimes intentional formatting of the hard drive is required after file system corruption, formatting errors or virus infections. Here you have to format your hard drive or its specific partition to make it from problems that were causing data inaccessibility. Having data backup is the only thing that can save you from such data loss situation, but if you had forgetten to take the backup of your files then you end up losing entire data from formatted partition.
  • Bad Sectors: The files stored on bad sectors on your PC hard disk becomes inaccessible and also prevents acecessing files that are stored on the sectors that are located after the bad sectors resulting in data loss.
  • File System Conversion: Switching the file system of a hard drive i.e from FAT to NTFS without taking data backup creates a completely new file system and deletes all the data present in your hard drive.
  • Other Issues: Problems like sudden power failures, uncertain system shutdown, hardware conflict, OS malfunction, file system corruption, etc may occur at any point of time due to a number of reasons. As a result of this hard drive data is lost or becomes unreadable.

Overview of the software

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the foremost provider of finest recovery solutions to handle every type of data loss situation related to hard drives. For example, If you lost the files due to bad sector in your hard drive, then it will skip that part (bad sector) and restores rest of the data from its consecutive sectors on HDD. This software is easy to use, does not require any prior technical knowledge to operate it. You can download the free trial version to know more about its features, recovery steps and to see the list of files or folders recovered by this software.

Steps to retrieve data from your PC hard disk drive

  • Disconnect your PC hard drive and attach it to a healthy PC
  • Download and install software to the new PC
  • Launch the software and begin the recovery process
  • As you run the software, two options are displayed “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select any one with respect to the situation you have come across
  • The software now display all the physical drives present on your system
  • Select the affected hard drive to continue
  • Now you can see the logical partitions present on the drive you have selected. Click the partition that you want to recover
  • The software now asks you to select the file type that you want to recover
  • Select the files you want to retrieve otherwise click on “Skip” to select all the files by default
  • The software starts scanning now and once the scanning process ends, it displays all the recoverable files
  • Select the one you want to rescue and click on “Next”
  • Preview the files before saving
  • Finally save the recovered files into a desired location

Tips to Avoid PC Data Loss

  • See that you regularly take backup of your precious files and folders
  • Use an updated antivirus software to protect your PC from getting infected with harmful viruses,malware or spyware
  • Do not save anything on your hard drive once you realized that you have lost data from it

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