Rescue Data from RAW Partition

Hard drive is the storage media where all of your digital information is stored and can be accessed as desired. Nowadays it has become a pretty common scenario that most of the systems have single partitions in them where all the information is stored. This one is called the C: in which all installation files and other types of documents are saved. As this one partition can work without a flaw, there are many benefits of creating multiple logical drives.

The most important one is that all your files can be placed in a particular order and you can get to know the exact location in which your files have been saved. You can store your office files, photos, movies, mp3 files and other different collection separately. You may face certain situation in which your hard drive becomes RAW and the only option that you are left with is to install new operating system by formatting the C: drive which has an adverse effect on all the files that are stored.

Get familiar with the scenarios that make your hard drive go RAW:

  • Virus Infection: Virus infection is one of the major reasons that cause the drive to get raw, causing loss of the valuable data stored in it. This Virus gains entry in to the system when some files are downloaded from harmful websites. Your system can also get infected with virus when the user transfers files from infected system to his system making the partition raw which in turn does not allow accessing your files.
  • File System Corruption: This file system corruption occurs when you try to convert the file type of the logical drive and all of sudden you encounter some error, your system shuts down. This makes your partition RAW, which causes loss of all formats of files that have been saved.
  • Abrupt System Shut Down: Your operating system in which you have been working all day long crashes all of sudden, this results in corruption of the hard drive, making it raw. So once the partitions become RAW there is no way in which you can get access to those files.

Now there are many reasons which you have gotten familiar with that cause loss of data from partitions by making them RAW. One of the best ways that is recommended by the industry experts is that to use this Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. Here are some of the features of this tool:

This recovery application has been equipped with most simple yet advanced graphical user interface that allows us to restore the data from RAW drive. With the services of highly qualified software professionals highly advanced scanning engines have been equipped in this application so that not even single information is missed. All in all the best feature of this recovery tool is that you can get back many types of files without causing any change in the original file names with which the files had been saved.

Explained below is how this software works

  • Download this Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool from this website by just clicking on the download option
  • Double click on shortcut icon that is present on your desktop to get started with the recovery process
  • Now from the main screen of the tool click on “Partition Recovery” which will get you to the next screen of application
  • Here there are set of drives that are listed that have been created in the system and now all you have to do is to select the partition and press on the “Next” button
  • After this the scanning process takes place, as soon as it gets completed your are listed with the set of files that are present
  • Here you have been provided with the best option of this tool that is you can have the recovered restored files previewed before saving them


  • Maintain a separate backup of your files in a separate drive
  • As soon as you encounter data loss scenario, the first thing to do is to stop using the system unless the recovery process has been performed
  • Have an upgraded antivirus application installed so that your system can be saved from virus infections

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