Retrieve Data from Samsung 840 Pro SSD

Samsung 840 Pro SSD is one of the best Solid State Drive (SSD) released by Samsung. It can speed up your desktops and laptops to a great extent as it uses flash technology for data storage and access. This is the fastest SSD available in the market till date. By upgrading to Samsung 840 Pro SSD, you can have noticeable change in speed of file movements, menu operations and application load times. The speed of SSD is 30% more when compared to HDD. Hence data maintenance is easy in SSD when compared to HDD.

It is very rare situation to lose data from Samsung SSD drives; since they don’t have moving parts, there is no chance of mechanical failure. Also SSDs are not affected by magnetic field, so there is no possibility of data getting erased due to magnetic effect. But data from Samsung 840 Pro SSD can get lost due to any human mistakes or logical drive failures. Below listed are few scenarios in which data from Samsung 840 Pro SSD is lost:

  • File system corruption: File system of Samsung 840 Pro SSD may get corrupted due to virus infection, sudden system reboots, etc. Data on SSD cannot be accessed by user when file system turns RAW
  • Deleted while anti-virus scan: Anti-virus program helps you detect any threats on files and fix the problems. Sometimes, while fixing the files it deletes certain files and folders from Samsung 840 Pro SSD
  • Accidental deletion: Users may accidentally delete files from Samsung 840 Pro SSD of your computer while deleting other files or while performing other task with lack of attention
  • Emptying recycle bin: Emptying Recycle Bin without verifying contents in it will erase them permanently from Samsung 840 Pro SSD
  • Formatting: Formatting Samsung 840 Pro SSD r its partitions for some purpose without taking data backup will result in loss of huge amount of data

When data is lost from Samsung 840 Pro SSD due to any of above mentioned causes, you can make use of backup copy to restore files. But if you don’t have backup of lost data, what will you do? Don’t think that data is lost forever; you can bring back data from Samsung 840 Pro SSD by employing a suitable data recovery tool.

SSD data recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one such excellent data recovery tool that can be used to restore data from Samsung 840 Pro SSD on Windows OS. Even though it is named as hard drive recovery tool, it can retrieve data from Samsung 840 Pro SSD due to any reason. Apart from this, using this application you can even rescue lost partition from SSD as well. Other than Samsung SSD, you can retrieve files from SSDs of different brands like Western Digital, Seagate, Crucial, etc. Along with SSD and HDD, restoring data from external hard drives, iPods, memory cards, flash drives and storage media is possible through the use of this data recovery program.

Procedure to restore data from Samsung 840 Pro SSD:

  • Download SSD data recovery software and install it on your Windows computer
  • Run the utility and select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” or “Partition Recovery” from main screen depending on loss scenario
  • Then select drive of Samsung 840 Pro SSD and click on “Next”
  • Select file types that you are looking for and click on “Next”; otherwise select “Skip” option to scan for all file types
  • Software starts scanning selected SSD drive and retrieves lost and deleted data
  • You can view list of files and folders recovered from Samsung 840 Pro SSD drive after completion of scan process in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • There is an option to save recovery session, using which you can save entire recovery session and resume it later whenever you want to preview or save recovered data
  • Save files on a location on computer by browsing and selecting “Save” option


  • Keep regular backup of essential data on your SSD drive to some other external storage drive
  • Use UPS to overcome data loss due to sudden power outage

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