Data Recovery from Not Recognized Transcend Flash Drive

“Need quick help; my Transcend USB pen drive is not getting detected on my Windows PC. It has some important data saved and I need that data at any cost. What had actually happened is after copying files from my friend’s system, I pulled out the pen drive without proper removal process. When I connected the same to my desktop the system failed to recognize the USB drive. So, how can I get data from Transcend USB pen drive not recognized on my PC? Please suggest some good data recovery method to get back my data.”

Among various USB flash brands, Transcend is the most popular manufacturer of pen drive. Its USB flash memory drives have high-end performance and are capable of storing huge amount of data. Transcend pen drives range from 2GB to 64GB storage capacities according to user needs. However, while using Transcend USB drive users may encounter cumbersome situations such as drive not getting recognized on system. This is one such situation wherein data in Transcend flash drive becomes completely out of reach. This troublesome situation is faced by many pen drive users due to following reasons:

  • Frequent removal of Transcend pen drive when connected to any system or gadget
  • System shutdown during data transfer from / to Transcend USB drive due to power surge and forceful shutdown
  • Severe malware intrusion to USB drive by connecting it to virus infected systems or downloading infected files from internet on to the pen drive
  • Corruption of file system on Transcend USB flash drive, malfunctioning of pen drive and other software conflicts can turn Transcend USB flash drive as unrecognized

Transcend USB pen drive may fail to get recognized on any system after any of the above scenarios occur and thus data saved in it will become futile. However, there is a simple method to deal with such unrecognized pen drives that is to make sure whether or not data can be recovered from it. Just, go to Control Panel, click on device manager and expand Disk drives button in the list. If unrecognized pen drive is not listed under Disk Drives option, then it is physically damaged and data cannot be recovered from such physically damaged storage drives. If Transcend USB pen drive is listed there, then you can extract data from that drive successfully using third party recovery tools like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

Transcend pen drive data recovery tool:

Many data recovery experts suggested employing Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to accomplish data recovery from unrecognized Transcend USB flash drive. This tool is well equipped with modern recovery modules to easily retrieve data from unrecognized and corrupted or damaged pen drives. The software efficiently recovers data like MS Office files, program files, compressed archive files, pictures, songs, videos, etc. just in simple clicks. Along with unrecognized pen drive, it can also retrieve data from external hard drive not recognized on Windows computers or laptops due to any logical error issue. It can rescue data from pen drives manufactured from SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, Sony, Emtec, HP and many other popular brands. It can successfully restore files from flash drives, external hard drives and also from system hard drives, SSDs, FireWire drives, memory cards, etc. formatted with FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 and ReFS file systems. This utility is compatible on MS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Simple steps to regain not recognized Transcend pen drive data:

  • Download the software on a healthy Windows computer and install it
  • Connect your not detecting Transcend pen drive to this system and run the program
  • When main screen gets displayed click on “Partition Recovery” option and proceed
  • Next, from the list of drives present on-screen, select the drive that represents Transcend pen drive
  • Further, select file types that are to be recovered from Transcend pen drive and click next
  • Otherwise click on ‘Mark All’ or ‘Skip’ button and proceed next
  • Software scans the drive for all restorable files and derives a list of all such files
  • Toggle between “Data View” and “File Type” options to glance at the recovered files
  • Preview necessary files and save them to required destination location on host computer drive

Be aware of these points:

  • Do not remove Transcend pen drive abruptly during data transfer process
  • Secure proper backup of necessary files from Transcend USB flash drive on other storage devices