Rescuing Data from HDD on Windows System

Hard disk drive is shortly termed as HDD, which is well known and widely used storage device on computer. These devices are capable to store huge amount of data such as documents, compressed files, video clips, photo files, audios, program files, games and many more. People preserve all these kinds of data on HDD treating that it is very safe, secure and provide long life for storing their essential data.

Despite the advantages provided by HDD there are certain disadvantage that makes users to lose vital data saved on their computer HDD. For an instance, hard drive provides space to save huge amount data as well as an option to delete that data. As users store their essential official and precious personal data on hard drive, any kind of data problem will affect the data saved on HDD. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly backup your HDD data on other storage devices.

Let us consider main reasons which result in data loss from HDD:

  • Unplanned deletion: Removing files and folder using “Shift + Delete” key combination leads to permanent deletion of those files from hard drive, because files deleted by this method will not be redirected to system Recycle Bin
  • System operations: If user follows improper steps or forget to back there essential data before accomplishing system operations like formatting/ reformatting, reinstalling, upgrading operating system, etc then user might face complete data loss from system HDD
  • File system conversion: Inaccurate way of converting Windows HD partition from FAT to NTFS or vise- versa can leads to huge data loss from that hard disk drive partition
  • Virus attack: Virus or malware attack is another common reason for losing or deleting data from HDD, because these external threats enter into system by various means and causes data loss from Windows HDD

If you have lost data from HDD without having backup, then it results in data loss. But luckily, the data erased or lost from your hard disk drive can be restored back using HDD recovery tool like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Best data recovery software for HDD:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is among the best HDD recovery software, which you can use to bring back removed or missing data from your Windows hard drive. The application has the ability to retrieve data from formatted/reformatted, inaccessible and even unmountable hard disk drive. Addition to HDD, this program can rescue data from other storage devices like portable hard drives, pen drives, memory cards (SD, CF, XD, etc), memory sticks, iPods, etc on Windows OS. The utility can get back data from Windows hard drive installed with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Steps for recovering data from HDD:

Note: In case your hard drive get corrupted, then connect in to the healthy Windows system to perform HDD data recovery

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on Windows desktop / laptop
  • Open the tool and stick to the main screen steps
  • Select “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to restore your hard disk data based on data loss scenario you have faced
  • The application scans and displays all the drives from your computer
  • Select the drive from where your data is to be retrieved and click “Next”
  • The program scans chosen HDD drive and displays all the recoverable data from it
  • Mark the files and folders which are to be restored
  • At last, save your recovered data to your desired destination location, but not to the same drive


  • Avoid storing any new data on your HDD after facing data loss
  • Backup your hard drive valuable data on some other storage devices, it will provide guarantee to your data
  • Follow basic and necessary instructions while accomplishing system related operations