How Recover Hidden Partition on Windows 7

“Hi! I am facing a strange issue which I didn’t face before. Originally I have four partitions on my Windows 7 system hard drive, but suddenly from the last few hours system is showing only three. While doing partition on hard drive, I divided my hard disk into 4 partitions like C, D, E and F. But now, ‘F’ partition is missing. I don’t have any idea about why it is missing from my hard drive. Then, one of my friends suggested that it is not lost, it is just hidden in my hard drive. Now problem is I don’t know how to recover hidden partition on Windows 7 system. Any suggestions regarding this will be helpful for me. Thanks in advance!!”

It is known fact that most of the users have encountered above kind of situation. But you can handle this kind of issues easily. First, to check whether the partition is hidden or lost follow the below procedure:

Go to START -> Right click on My Computer -> select “Manage” option -> then click on “Disk Management” option.

If you find any partition with the name of your missed partition it means still the partition is exist. After finding hidden partition, just right click on it to see whether “Change Drive Letter and Path” is available or not, if it is, then by reassigning a drive letter may make it visible again. However, if “Change Drive Letter and Paths” is grayed out, then you have to use a third party application to recover your hidden partition.

If you want to choose a commendable third party application, then you can use Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

Software to recover hidden partition on Windows 7:

Yodot Hard drive recovery is the most recommended software to perform hidden partition recovery windows 7 system. Its marvelous scanning technology can easily scan and extract hidden partition from your system hard drive. In addition to hidden partition, this tool can also restore bad partition, missing partition or accidentally deleted partition on Windows 7 system. Along with Windows 7, it also assists you to recover Windows 8 partition. This program is included with best graphical user interface that assists even non technical users to find hidden partition from Windows 7 system. Apart from Windows 7, it can retrieve hidden partition from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS based PCs and laptops.

Procedure to recover hidden partition on Windows 7:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard drive Recovery tool on Windows computer
  • Then, run the software and follow guide lines displayed on screen to recover hidden partition on Windows 7 system
  • From main window you will get options like Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” and “Partition Recovery”
  • Select “Partition Recovery” option to restore hidden partition from Windows 7 system
  • After that it will show drives list, from them choose the drive which relate the name of your hidden drive
  • Next, this application will start recovery process
  • After completion of hidden partition recovery, it will display list of rescued files under “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • Pick files that you want to get back and click on “Next” button
  • At last save retrieved hidden partition to desired location

Points to be Remember!!

  • Avoid hiding any partition on Windows 7 unless it is required
  • Don’t use unsecure third party application to resize your partition on hard drive
  • Always use updated antivirus software to prevent partition loss or hidden situation from hard drive

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