How to Access Data While Inaccessible Boot Device Error Shows Up?

Did you also encounter Inaccessible Boot Device error on your Windows computer? Worried about how to fix this very issue, then here is a brief information on how to handle inaccessible boot device on your PC.

“Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We'll restart for you." and below it showed a stop code with the error: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.”

Neither Windows repair nor will system restart help up in resolving this sort of boot error. Even restarting the device in Safe mode will be of no use. Moreover, this type of error can occur in any version of Windows operating system.

What does this stop error inaccessible boot device 0x0000007b mean?

This boot device error simply means that Windows is unable to read or write system’s hard disk partition from where it boots up. In other words, it is a complete drive failure or system boot-record failure. In spite that this boot device error sounds to be a serious issue where your drive data turns completely inaccessible, there are certain ways to fix it right. Prior getting to know about solutions to handle boot error learn some causes that triggers it.

Reasons for Windows showing inaccessible boot device error

Techniques to resolve Inaccessible boot device error:

Method #1: Start your computer in safe mode and in the console type the command as “Chkdsk /f /r”. Press Enter key. Running this check disk command in command prompt will automatically scan for error found on disk and attempt to fix them. After this command execution, reboot the device (may automatically restart) and see if the issue persists.

Method #3: During system start up process, examine whether system is trying to boot from the device containing Windows OS files. See to it that your HDD or SSD is in the list of BIOS; also check out the cable connections. If the problem is found with cables then change/swap the wires and test for failures.

Method #4: One can simply rollback to use most recent system settings but this may wipe out some part of your data or files residing on disk storage. All you need to do is restart the computer then press and hold on F2 key. Choose Last Known Good Configuration option under Advanced Boot Options menu. [use arrow keys to navigate over options and press Enter]

Method #5: Alternately, to fix corrupted registry files one can get a Windows registry tool cleaner available online. More important thing to keep in mind is that, not to rely on any unreliable program to repair registry. It is mainly because registry entry holds Windows files (.dll), more crucial information like settings, options, hardware details etc.; any damages to this data turns to be much expensive.

If it is the case, that you are not able to successful enough to fix the issue using any of the above approaches then you may have to go for a fresh Windows OS installation. But you must be knowing that re-installation of OS will erase all data residing on your hard disk. Under such circumstances, install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program and retrieve files from disk before starting with OS installation. On other hand, take your computer to a repair center. Even in this scenario, data recovery sounds essential.

Restore disk data using Yodot program:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is a robust application that help in retrieving data from system disks during situations of disk failure, boot errors and failures, system crashes, partition loss, mistaken format and all other drive related issues. When hard drive become inaccessible and exhibits various errors, it is hardly possible to reach data saved on it in traditional methods. Hence, should rely on trustworthy tools like Yodot. Any brands of internal HD, External HD, Solid State Drives or USB drives can take a complete advantage of this tool for successful content recovery from drive. The tool is flexible enough to run on Windows Vista/XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Windows Server editions (2003 and 2008). The software assures to cause no damage to any part of disk contents so one need not fear about losing any files.

Procedure to retrieve drive data after inaccessible boot device error:

A footnote

  • Carry out safe OS installations
  • Do not install any untrustworthy programs on your system

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