Restore Data from Unbootable Laptop Hard Drive

Have you ever tried to reboot your laptop only to find out that why it is not booting operating system? In such situation you may get some error message that laptop hard drive failure has occurred or some corruption in the boot file is reason for which the laptop does not boot up. As this can ruin the entire day of work and with no other systems to work on, it seems to be a start of very bad day.

Agreed that it’s a bad day as your laptop won’t boot up and just keeps turning off but there can be end to your worries as there are few tricks that can be tried to help laptop boot up normally. Take a look at the methods that are mentioned below which may allow the laptop to reboot perfectly without giving any hiccups.

  • Boot from Restore Disk: A restore disk can be termed as backup of the original factory condition of a computer as configured by an unique equipment producer
  • Use the install Disk: Use the install Disk to fix the errors that are generated as a result of boot file failure
  • Remove the Drive and check it on other systems: Remove the hard drive, connect it to other healthy systems to make sure that it is not corrupted
  • Sometimes your laptop just doesn’t boot up. No matter what you do, it just closes itself after few seconds of its startup. To take precautions for future reference, first let’s get briefed about scenarios that avoids laptop boot up

  • Virus infection spreads like a wildfire infecting all the applications that are installed in the laptop, thereby corrupting and hence incurring loss of data from the respective partition. As the infection spreads on, the boot file or MBR gets corrupted and resulting in unbootable laptop
  • Hard drive failure, file system corruption, operating system malfunction, system files corruption, re-partitioning errors and other causes can cause boot failure due to which laptop does not boot up and you lost entire information from laptop
  • Sudden loss of power when the user is working on important task can cause abrupt system shutdown which in turn may lead to corruption or some errors in the boot file, due to which the laptop hard disk may fail to boot up OS and hence the user has to format hard drive

No need to get upset with data preserved on laptop when its hard disk won’t boot up! This loss is not permanent; information can be retrieved from hard drive of non bootable laptop with help of effective laptop hard drive recovery tool.

Get back Data from Laptop that won’t Boot:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is of the most recommend recovery software that is making rounds in the internet for getting back data from laptop that does not boot. Whatever may be the reason behind the loss of data from laptop, you can easily find the lost files by using the advanced features provided in Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool. The well known unique feature of this product is that you can save the recovery session at any point of time and resume the recovery process later, just by running the saved recovery session file without the need to rescan the entire drive again. In addition to performing the rescue process on laptop that won’t boot and you can also get back data from formatted, reformatted, corrupted laptop as well as desktop hard drives. This laptop disk recovery tool can be utilized to regain data from other storage devices like USB flash drives, memory cards, iPods, FireWire Drives and so on. This application is supported in all Windows OS editions, one can utilize this tool to retrieve missing files after Windows 10 reinstallationprocess.

Easy steps to restore data from laptop that won’t boot:

Note: First you need to remove the unbootable hard drive from the laptop and connect it to a healthy Windows computer where the hard drive recovery product is installed.

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application in the system by logging in as local system administrator
  • On completion of the recovery process, the user can view the shortcut icon on the desktop
  • Launch the recovery tool from the desktop and follow the instructions that are present on the main screen
  • Partition Recovery and Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery are the options that are provided in the main screen of the tool
  • Click on Partition Recovery and proceed to the next screen where the list of drives that from the computer are listed
  • Select the one from where loss of data has occurred and then click on Next button
  • Now, you are provided with the set of file types that can be recovered and then go to the next screen where the scanning process takes place
  • As soon as the scanning process gets completed, you are listed with set of files that can be restored
  • Select the data that needs to be saved and go on choosing the destination location

Helpful Tips:

  • Save all the important information in separate external hard drive
  • Install antivirus protection to prevent the system from virus infection
  • Back valuable files before performing the format process

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