Get Back Data from Blue Screen of Death on Windows Vista

Picture this situation: It was late at night and you were sitting in front of your Windows Vista computer working on a project; meanwhile your Windows Vista system suddenly frozen and stopped showing any positive result. All your work is now gone; you had no choice but to reboot it. However, when you switched on your Windows Vista computer, you found Blue Screen of Death error displaying on the screen and denied you from accessing files stored in its hard drive.

This type of situation can be upsetting and might render loss or inaccessibility of your valuable data stored on computer HDD. Some computer experts recommend recording error message displayed on the screen to help to determine the cause of issue. But your computer will restart before you can note down the information. The error message may state that ‘Windows has been turned off to prevent damage to your computer’. Sometimes it display other error message that shows that Windows has recovered from a serious error or unexpected shutdown. Later, Windows Vista prompts you to check for a solution to the problem and when you clicked upon it, you will get certain solutions; but in many cases it will not work when your computer had experienced an unrecoverable hardware or software problem.

Blue Screen of Death error screen appears when your Windows Vista computer notices an error which it cannot recover without losing data or it detects that Operating system files has become corrupted. Also, Windows Vista computer displays such BSOD error message when it detects that hardware has crashed and remained in a non-recoverable state. So, at last you would have one choice that is reinstalling operating system. This may bring back your computer to the normal state, but what about the data stored upon it? If it is not so important, you can move further and reinstall operating system. However, if data present on your Windows computer is very important, then it is suggested to restore it using correct hard drive data recovery software.

Windows Vista data recovery after BSOD:

Yodot Hard drive Recovery software is the better option to recover your precious data from Windows Vista PC or laptop after Blue Screen of Death errors. It will deeply scan affected hard drive and tries to recover entire data without damaging its internal file structure. For easy selection, it will differentiate different files like MS office files, Pictures, music files, videos, database, archives, animations, application files, etc so that you can select desired file types that you need to recover. If you cannot find required files in the suggested list, then it will allow you to new add file types for your convenience. It will even show you total signatures and categories available to restore your files. This hard disk recovery software can also be used to restore data from crashed hard drive, corrupted, not booting, logically failed, inaccessible hard drives and other types of storage drives that are showing no sign of working.

Directions to recover files after blue screen of death in Windows Vista

  • Remove hard drive from your Windows Vista computer that displays blue screen of death error and connect it to a healthy computer
  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to the healthy computer on which you have connected affected hard disk
  • Run the utility and choose the option “Partition Recovery” out of the two options
  • Now you will find physical hard drive present on your computer
  • Click on storage drive that is representing affected hard drive
  • You will now find logical hard drive present in physical hard drive
  • Choose entire hard drive or particular partition from where you need to restore your files
  • Permit software to scan the hard drive, which shows list of recovered files in next window
  • For easy selection, it is suggested to make use of two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview media files recovered from Windows Vista hard drive for your confirmation
  • Finally save recovered files in a safe location by clicking on “Save” option

Useful Suggestions:

  • Do not download application from unauthorized site as it may contain harmful viruses that may affect your computer
  • Make sure that you backup vital files and folders using Windows built in backup utility
  • Never try to repair your Windows Vista computer after you get Blue Screen Of Death error

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