Restore Data from Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook

Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook is the new generation Ultrabook, which is familiar for its 360 degree flip and fold design. With Intel Core i3-3227U Processor, Windows 8 OS, 8GB PS3 memory, 128GB double data rate SSD storage device, Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook become centerpiece for many corporate professional, normal users as well. This Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook includes ultra data access speed with USB 3.0 interface and supports cloud storage, HD graphics, etc.

Even though there are many attractive features to use Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook, there is one limitation that might be experienced by most of the Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook users at times i.e data loss. No matter how carful you are about files and folders stored in your Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook, data preserved in it from long period may get erases or go missing in few seconds, because of some logical errors or human faults.

Including shift deleting files on Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook partition; accidental formatting is also one other main reason for deletion of data from its hard drive. Other scenarios like re-installing OS, reformatting, virus cleanup and many more instances also leads to formatting of Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook hard drive, resulting in huge amount of data. Generally data is organized by operating system, file system and other integral units on Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook; however, due to suspicious malware, Trojan or virus attack, logical errors, improper system shutdown, overusage, etc may get damage or corrupt and contributes to loss of valuable data saved on Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook.

In such circumstances, you are concerned about precious data saved on your Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook. Don’t get disappointed, it is possible to perform Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook data recovery using fine data recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook data retrieval software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool effectively provides assistance to restore lost or missing data from Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook running with Windows operating system. This application can bring back Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, media files, program files, compressed files, database files and many more from Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook. Adding to Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook, this software can recover data from Lenovo IdeaPad, Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo Z510 laptop, Lenovo Mini laptop and other models of Lenovo laptops. One can even handle all kinds of data loss situations from other laptop brands such as Toshiba, Dell, HP, Sony, Samsung, Asus, etc. This software can also be utilized to get back data from desktop hard drives, portable hard drives, pen drives, memory cards and other storage devices on Windows PC or laptop running with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Step by step process for recover data from Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook:

Guidelines to avoid data loss:

  • Always maintain quality and updated anti-virus software on Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook to keep it free from viruse
  • Backup valuable files and folders of Lenovo Yoga Convertible Ultrabook on external storage devices

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