Recover Lost Partition on Windows Server 2003

“Today morning, I taught of creating one more new partition on my Windows Server 2003 system. During the process of partitioning, my system suddenly got shutdown due to power failure. When I restarted the system, I came to know that one of my partitions is missing. I don’t know why this partition had lost or reason behind it but I want to get it back. Actually, the lost partition consist of all my personal and essential data in it, so I kindly request you to suggest me an ideal solution for recovering missing partition as well as the data saved in it on my Windows Server 2003 computer. I need your help please….”

Hey don’t panic the lost partition still resides in your Windows Server 2003 system hard drive itself. The partition disappears or become inaccessible due to interruptions like power failure abrupt system shutdown or attempting inaccurate steps while creating new partition on Windows Server 2003 PC. The only way to regain your lost partition from Windows Server 2003 system is by utilizing any of the reliable partition recovery software. But before going to know about partition recovery software, its good to know the other causes for loss of partitions on Windows Server 2003 system they are:

  • The partitions might go missing from Windows Server 2003 system due to severe virus or spyware infection
  • Corruption of partition table on Windows Server 2003 hard drive can make partition inaccessible or hidden
  • Changing the file system of partitions frequently can corrupt partition present on Server 2003 system
  • If Master Boot Record value gets changed due to any reasons, then OS won’t be able to access the partitions on Windows Server system and doesn’t show them on My Computer window

Partition loss refers to a state where you are unable to see certain drive on hard disk of Windows Server 2003 operating system. At this particular instance you can utilize helpful tool like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to retrieve all your lost or erased partitions along with its data on Windows Server 2003 system.

Lost partition recovery on Server 2003

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the most reliable data recovery software that helps you to retrieve missing partitions on Windows Server 2003 computer. This hard drive recovery software is built with an advanced scanning algorithm that scans each and every sector of the hard drive and restores lost or erased partitions from Server 2003 system. This application has the ability to locate lost, formatted or corrupted FAT or NTFS partitions on your Windows Server 2003 computer to recover data. Moreover, you can retrieve data from computer hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and other storage drives on Windows Server 2003. The software allows you to compress your retrieved data to save disk space on your Windows Server 2003 system. This data recovery utility can be used by every individual due to its user friendly interface and simple recovery steps.

Steps to restore lost partitions on Windows Server 2003:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install it on your Windows Server 2003 system
  • Run the recovery software and follow instructions as directed by the data recovery utility
  • In main screen you see two options i.e “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/ Re-formatted Recovery”
  • Choose “Partition Recovery” option to recover lost partitions on Windows Server 2003
  • The HD recovery utility scans your entire Windows Server 2003 system and displays all logical partitions
  • Select the physical drive from which you need to retrieve lost partitions and click on “Next“ option
  • In next window you can see a list of found partitions from the selected physical hard drive and select the scan type to continue
  • After this choose the particular file type that you wanted to retrieve from lost partition or simply press “Skip” option to select all file types
  • The software displays recovered data along with lost partition from selected physical drive and you can view them in either “Data View” or “File Type view”
  • Use “Save Recovery Session” option to save the recovered partition to your desired destination location (don’t save the recovered partition to a same location from where you are trying to retrieve it)

Things to Remember:

  • Regularly take backup of your crucial data from Windows Server 2003 and store it on other reliable storage devices
  • Avoid adding data to the Server 2003 system after data loss circumstance has occurred in order to avoid overwriting of data
  • Install good security application on your Windows Server 2003 system to avoid virus or harmful threat infection

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