Regain Data from Lost Partition on Windows 7

“My Windows 7 computer hard drive had two partitions; one is primary C drive and another is D drive in which I used to keep entire data related to my personal and official work. As D drive had large amount of data, I was finding it very difficult to search for files which I needed. So I thought of creating one more partition on my hard drive to manage data properly. As I was not aware of manual way to create partition, I have downloaded third party partitioning tool. I have successfully created partition using third party tool; but the existing partition is missing from my Windows 7 computer hdd. Kindly someone help me to get back data from lost partition from Windows 7 computer”.

Windows 7 is considered as the best operating system as it provides easy graphical user interface compared to other versions of Microsoft Windows. It allows you to create partitions so that you can organize and manage data based on the requirement. Creating partition on Windows is very easy; just open “Disk Management Panel” and right click on the respective partition and click on “Shrink”. One more partition with desired size will be created on your Windows Explorer and you can add files into it. Even though partition play important role to manage your data, you may unknowingly lose it from Windows 7 computer in many instances as given below:

  • Unreliable Third Party Tool: Partition on your Windows 7 computer hard drive can be lost due to usage of unauthorized third party application to create partition on your Windows 7 computer
  • External Threats: Virus, malware or spyware threats mainly enter through infected external storage device or due to download of infected files. You may lose partition from Windows 7 computer without notification in case viruses are very harmful
  • Hard Drive Crash: Sometimes hard drive may crash due to software malfunction, file system corruption, boot sector damage, bad sectors, etc. There is possibility of losing partition from Windows 7 computer as a consequence of hard drive crash

Lost partition recovery tool for Windows 7:

As partition contains lots of data, you might feel very sad for losing such a huge amount of data from it. However, you need not assume that you have permanently lost your data, because with the use of software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery, it is very easy to restore partition which is lost from Windows 7 computer. This software supports to restore lost and deleted partition formatted with FAT, NTFS, exFAT and ReFS file system. It will show you the details of each partition like its size, file system, total sector and hard drive type to make your recovery process simple and understandable. Along with this, it will allow you to add file types in case you fail to find required file types in the list. Moreover, it will show you recovered data along with number of files and folders. In case software does not display the files which you are looking for, then you will be facilitated with “Smart Scan” option which will show each and every data from respective drive so that you can choose and restore them. You can not only restore lost partition from Windows 7 computer, but recovery of lost partition from external hard drive is also possible if you have installed this outstanding hard drive recovery software on computer running with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Procedure to recover lost partition from Windows 7:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install it to your Windows 7 computer by going through certain steps
  • Run the application and then start to restore lost partition data
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Utilize first option to go further and then select lost logical drive to regain data from it
  • Upon clicking on “Next” option, software starts scanning and displays files which you can regain
  • Choose files and then again hit on “Next” option
  • Preview recovered files (only media) to confirm about your selection
  • Finally save retrieved data in a desired location of your computer hard drive or external storage media


  • Never try to create partition or re-partition Windows 7 hard drive by using unauthorized third party partitioning tool
  • Do not connect any unknown external storage device to your Windows 7 computer

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