Recovering Missing DLL Files on Windows XP

In any Windows computer, dynamic link library (.dll) files are as important as other executable files. Like .exe, .ocx and other shared system files, DLL files play significance role to make any Windows application work properly as these are encapsulated with various codes and procedures for programs. Any Windows program loads this DLL file at startup to continue. Once these DLL files are deleted, missing or overwritten in Windows XP, you may face issues where related applications stop responding with error messages like: “This application failed to start because window.dll file was not found”, “The file window.dll is missing”, etc.

You might come across these errors with failure of certain programs in Windows XP when DLL files are missing because of following reasons:

  • DLL files may go missing because of Windows registry problem; when it is corrupted, .dll files would not be accessible or executable
  • Viruses or malwares can be considered as another cause behind missing or modification of.dll files on Windows XP system
  • DLL files can go missing after re-installing applications as they can overwrite existing dll files on Windows XP
  • Sometimes, any unauthorized third party programs can also delete or modify .dll files your Windows XP computer

Anyway, when you are getting errors and cannot proceed with the program due to missing .dll files, try re-installing that program again. However if the problem retains even after re-installing Windows program or if you don’t have required setup (.exe) file to re-launch that program on Windows XP, just try a professional data recovery tool to restore missing DLL files.

DLL file recovery utility!

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the best utility suggested by Windows professionals to recover deleted or missing DLL files on Windows XP. This software has powerful scanning engine to scan and restore exe files along with.dll, .exe, .drv, .ocx and other system files which are missing or deleted from the computer hard drive. You can utilize this application to recover DLL files on your computer after OS re-installation, virus attacks, formatting, accidental deletion, Windows registry problems and other possible data loss instances. This utility is enabled with a user-friendly interface to facilitate error free and simple DLL file recovery on Windows XP and other latest Windows OS running computers.

Procedure to retrieve DLL files on Windows XP:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application to your Windows XP computer and install it successfully
  • Run the program to explore the main window that will show two powerful options, i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery”
  • Select any required option according to data loss mishap and then proceed for drive selection
  • Now, you will be provided a list of all available drives and partitions present in Windows XP system
  • Select particular drive/partition from where you need to retrieve DLL files; usually it is C: drive in Windows XP
  • As you click “Next” tab, the software initiates file recovery procedure and scans selected drive for missing DLL files
  • In a few seconds, it displays all retrieved DLL files under “Data Type” and “File Type” view options
  • Eventually, you can select all recovered DLL files and click Save button to save them on your Windows XP computer

Helpful Tips!

  • Stop saving files on your Windows XP system hard drive after DLL files goes missing
  • Avoid accessing DLL files on your Windows XP system until you are good enough in managing these files
  • Don’t install unreliable or unknown applications to your Windows XP as they can result in deletion, modification or missing of .dll files

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