Recovering Data from Notebook Hard Drive

Notebook which is sometimes referred as laptop can be easily carried and conveniently used portable computer; most of the professionals and other users prefer this device to do their regular jobs. A Notebook may have very important data of worth millions in dollars to the organizations and economy. Similarly, home users or students may have some memorable or unique pictures, video footages, documents and other data on Notebook hard disk that they never wish to drop.

However data loss is an unexpected nightmare that comes true from time to time users may lose their crucial data from Notebook hdd. You may experience data loss from Notebook hard drive in any of following listed circumstances:

  • Often users delete some files and clean Recycle Bin before they realize that they actually need those files
  • Poor performance of Notebook hard disk or format error can urge users to format hard disk as a result data saved on it gets erased
  • When file system associated with Notebook hard disk drives is corrupted then it becomes unreadable and leads to missing of data
  • Partition loss or deletion, partitioning error erroneous hard drive defragment task, etc could also result in loss of information from Notebook hard drive

When you delete any file from your Notebook, you don’t actually delete files from hard drive. Entire data remains there and what actually deleted is the information addressing to those files on location on hard drive. This is the key fact upon which most of the data recovery tools work to perform data recovery so by adding a professional utility, you can get back data from Notebook hard drive in simple steps.

Do-it-yourself tool for Notebook hard drive recovery:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is specialized program to recover data from Notebook hard disk. This is a professional tool that comes with the user-friendly wizard and powerful data recovery modules to make Notebook hard drive file recovery easy and fast than ever. With this amazing utility, users can successfully perform data recovery from Tablet PC and laptops introduced by Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Dell, HP and others. This utility assists users in restoring data from any corrupted, damaged, inaccessible or formatted Notebook hard disk on Windows computers. Even if you have lost your videos, pictures, music files or different type of documents from Notebook hard drive partitions, then this program will get them back to you in just a simple click. You can download it’s free trial version to experience and judge effective data retrieval from Notebook hard drive.

Simple steps to restore files from Notebook hard drive!

  • Connect your Notebook hard drive to a healthy Windows computer and download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool
  • Install the application successfully and then launch it to explore the onscreen instructions as displayed by this software
  • Select any option between “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option depending on data loss scenario and move further
  • Then recovery utility now lists out all the drives available in your computer
  • Select your externally connected Notebook hard drive from where you need to retrieve data and click on “Next” tab
  • Now the application performs deep scanning of select hard drive and displays all the restored files in two view modes namely “File Type” and “Data Type”
  • Select all desired files and folders by making use of above view modes
  • You can view files prior to saving them by using the “Preview” option
  • Finally save required file to the desired storage location on your Windows system hard drive

Points to Remember!

  • Data backup is very helpful in recovering lost or deleted data from Notebook hard drive, so backup your data regularly
  • Do not format notebook hard drive frequently and keep it virus or malware protected
  • Adding new data to notebook hard drive after losing data may cause permanent data loss

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