How to retrieve data from deleted Windows 8 partition?

“Yesterday, I was managing partitions in my Windows 8 computer. Somehow, I managed to delete a partition which had a lot of important files including my project documents. How can I restore that deleted partition and its data on Windows 8?”

Are you the one who faced similar situation and looking for a way to overcome it? Well, when you suspect that a partition has deleted on your Windows 8 computer, don’t create any new partition again and use an efficient partition recovery tool. It will be the best solution for you to regain all your data that has lost with that deleted partition. There are numerous reasons for partition deletion and few commonly experienced scenarios are described here:

  • Often users need to re-install OS in order to upgrade their system or to resolve different application malfunction issues. While re-installing Windows 8 OS, user may select a partition to delete that results in huge data loss
  • Sometimes, Windows 8 users get their partition deleted accidentally when trying to manage hard disk partitions with Disk Management Utility or other tool. User may delete a partition during partition management operations like partition re-sizing, re-partitioning, merging etc
  • Also user might delete a partition with their intention. It happens when any partition is inaccessible, corrupted or useless. To utilize hard disk space for new partition, user can delete such partitions in Windows 8

Windows 8 Partition Recovery Software

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the most trusted program for Windows 8 to restore data from deleted or lost partitions. It has caliber to retrieve photos, videos, Office documents, music, program files and kinds of files from formatted/re-formatted, damaged, corrupted, missing or deleted hard drive partitions. With this tool, Windows users can retrieve data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions. Additionally, it supports file recovery from GPT partition on Windows 8, Windows 7 and previously launched Windows machines. The software has simple user interface to make deleted partition recovery easy and effortless for any users even if they don’t have much computing skills.

Step by step procedure to restore deleted partition data on Windows 8

  • Firstly, download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to your Windows 8 computer and complete installation process
  • Launch the software and follow recovery instructions coming on the screen to restore deleted partition data
  • As the main screen emerges choose “Partition recovery” option
  • A new window comes up displaying all the physical drives, select the desired physical drive to start the scanning
  • The software will scan and display all the found logical partitions, even the deleted or lost ones
  • Choose particular deleted partition from which data recovery is to be done
  • Now with help of “Data type” or “File type” option, mark all files that you want to save on your computer
  • Make use of “Save Recovery Session” option to save the scanning information that can be used later to resume scanning process
  • Save the recovered data to any storage drive on your Windows 8 computer. Also you can compress the recovered data in a ZIP archive and save it in any external storage media


  • Regularly backup your valuable data to avoid data loss in any sudden mishap
  • Immediately stop adding data to the Windows 8 hard drive, soon after the partition is deleted
  • Keep your hard drive partition in read only mode to avoid accidental deletion

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