How to Retrieve Data from Extended Partition?

Accidentally lost your extended partition? Looking for ways to recover extended partition? No need to look further the solution is in this article. This article will give you enough information about extended partition and the effective way to recover it using the hard drive recovery tool Yodot.

Written by Lucy John on June 01, 2023

Before going to extended partition data recovery. Let me explain to you some things about extended partitions.

What is the Use of an Extended Partition?

The main use of Extended Partitions is to overcome the usage of only four partitions in a hard drive. By making the partition as an extended partition you can create additional logical partitions, you can make use of disk management efficiently, allocation of disk space wisely, etc.


How to Properly Create an Extended Partition?

Note - There should be free space available on the same partition in which you are going to extend the partition and take backup. Because extending a partition might lead to data loss. If you have done this. I would say you can go ahead with the below-given steps:


If you properly created an extended partition with the above-mentioned steps. Then you would not be looking for recovering an extended partition. Below is a user on the Microsoft forum who was not well aware of creating an extended partition so he lost his data from the extended partition.


Source: Microsoft Forum


I have 2 1-TB hard drives in my pc and both were partitioned into 200GB & 700GB partitions. I wanted to use the one drive as a backup drive so I deleted the one 700GB partition and used the unlocated space to extend the 200GB part of the drive to 900GB after doing that i discovered that I did it on the wrong drive and now all the data that was on the 700GB part of the drive are gone.

Only the data from the original 200GB is visible in the now 900GB partition the rest shows as unused space. Are there any way to recover data that was lost in this way with data recovery tools or is it lost completely.

The only available option for extended partition recovery is only through a professional Hard Drive software like Yodot. This tool will scan the partition sector by sector and ensures that it retrieves all the data from the extended partition. You can preview the results before saving the recovered data from the extended partition using the Preview option.

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to Recover Extended Partition


Step-by-Step Data Recovery Process by the tool:


I’m ending this article here, hope you got a solution for what you are looking for. Always refer to good articles available on the internet to avoid data loss. If you have any queries related to this article, please get back to us. Also, use the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to recover data from an extended partition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens if you delete an extended partition?

If you delete an extended partition, it will delete all logical partitions present on it. And if you have not backed up the data, the data recovery process becomes complex.

2. Can you format an extended partition?

You should not format an extended partition, formatting an extended partition will lead to formatting of all logical partitions present on it. Rather, you can format the individual logical partitions on the extended partition.

3. How do I remove an extended partition?

You can remove the extended partition with the help of Disk Management:

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