Recover Data from Windows Hard Drive

Certainly hard disk drive is the most common storage device used by any individual for storing 98% of his important data. As you all know, not any storage media is secure from data loss. Therefore in case of hard drive also, there are many factors that cause data loss. That is, data loss in Windows hard drives can be divided in two groups, one is logical and another one is mechanical.

Mechanical data loss occurs when some physical damage happens to the hard disk and system always indicates the user by giving signs like frequent system hangs, noise from hard disk, warning messages etc. But many users ignore these signs, which leading to appearance of bad sectors on the hard drive. Actually when bad sectors appear on hard disk, the files present on that region cannot be accessed by the user and may also leads to OS corruption or complete hard drive failure.

The majority of the logical data loss situations are due to user mistakes only. For instance, accidentally erased files from hard drive or formatted an hard drive partition or reformatted a partition by changing its file system or performed clean installation while re-installing Windows OS or unknowingly deleted a incorrect partition and the list goes on. Another logical situation is where user doesn’t even know what happened to his hard drive data. That is, instances like file system corruption or when an important file removed from your hard drive due to virus infection or sudden OS crash causing inaccessibility to all your files or loss of a partition while re-sizing / allocating free space etc, leads to unexpected data loss.

Minor logical inconsistencies on the hard drive can be fixed by using chkdsk.exe disk utility tool. It is capable of automatically fixing file system errors and can also handle recovery of few data, which is readable. But it’s not much powerful, so on complex data loss situations you surely need an expert third party recovery tool for recovering your hard drive data that is deleted or lost or formatted.

Which software to use?

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is specially designed to recover deleted, lost and even formatted data from hard drive on Windows OS. You may be thinking that there are many other recovery tool also, which offer same features. Why not them? Right!

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software offers recovery of data from hard drives that are having bad sectors, which other software doesn’t offer. It is advanced recovery technology allows you to create “Disk Image” of the hard drive that is having bad sectors on it. Hence, you will be able to recover the rest of the hard drive data, which is not affected by the damage. Moreover, it supports recovery from all the popular hard drive manufacturing brands like Western Digital (WD), Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Maxtor, IBM and many others.

Step-by-step recovery procedure

  • Disconnect the affected Windows hard drive and attach it to a healthy Windows PC or laptop
  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to the new computer
  • Run the software and follow the guidelines appearing on the screen
  • Select any one, from the two recovery options, “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • As you make your selection, the software will display all the physical drives present on that system
  • Tick on the affected hard drive and press “Next”
  • Now choose from the logical partitions present on the selected hard drive and continue by pressing “Next”
  • The software asks for the selection of the file type to be recovered, make your selection or click on “Skip” to select all the file types by default
  • Now wait till the software finishes its scan
  • As the scanning ends, software displays all the recovered files in two distinct view types; “Data Type” and “File Type
  • Toggle between the two view type, to view and select the files which you need to recover
  • In case you are not satisfied with the recovery result, then use “Smart Scan” option to perform rigorous disk scan
  • Preview the files and save to the destination location (Not to the same hard drive)
  • Since, “Save” option is disabled in the trial edition, so make use of “Save Recovery session” option and avoid re-scan after buying the software

Precautions to be taken

  • If experience trouble from hard disk like clinking noise, system freeze, sudden system restart etc, then do not avoid these warning
  • Backup hard drive data on regular basis
  • Regularly defragment your hard drive
  • It is advised not to use the hard drive after any type of data loss

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