Data Recovery from Local Drive after Formatting

“I have inserted operating system CD to my computer to upgrade current OS to latest one. I have followed each and every step and in the middle, it asked me to format the drive. Without glancing over it, I gave command to format local drive of my computer. After formatting, entire data present on local drive of my computer got erased. Can anyone tell me how to recover deleted files of a local drive after formatting it?”

A local drive is a drive that is pre-installed on your computer. Windows computer will read this drive directly from its own motherboard and you no need to wait any longer than the time it takes for the drive to show your data present in it. Several users divide primary hard drive into two or three local drives or partitions in order to manage their files in a well-organized manner. But users sometimes unintentionally format local hard drive and it is common among users who have average knowledge about the computer.

Main causes for formatting local hard drive are:

  • Error Messages: When one of the local drives is corrupted due to virus attack or software malfunction, you would get an error message stating it to format. You will not able to remove the error message unless and until you format it
  • Unintentional Formatting: If you have several local drives on your computer and one of them contains unwanted files, you may decide to format it in order to add new files. But at the time of formatting, you may accidentally choose wrong local partition from Windows Explorer or Disk management utility and lose crucial data
  • Reformatting: For example, if local hard drive is formatted with FAT partition, you may wish to convert it to NTFS partition. The procedure for converting file system is selecting it and then clicking on “Format” option. So if you had not kept backup of important files, then it leads to loss of entire data from specific local drive

To safeguard your data go to control panel and click on “backup your computer” option. Choose appropriate location other than source one and then backup your data. This will help you to restore your files at the time you have accidentally formatted local drive on your PC. But few users do not know this technique and lose their data from local hard drive. So for them, here is easy way to get back formatted files from local drive with the assistance of outstanding Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software.

Formatted drive files recovery software

Your question on how to recover deleted files of a local drive after formatting it will no longer be unresolved if you use this software. It will examine the local drive from where you have lost files and then display files like photos, videos, music files, Microsoft Office documents, applications, compressed files and so on. You can choose entire data or selected file types that you need to restore from formatted local drive. Within no time, it will recover files from formatted hard drive disk and partition as well as from external storage media such as portable hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, iPods, FireWire Drives, etc after formatting for any purpose. The utility even retrieve files from lost, deleted or corrupted local drive on Windows system in simple steps and stores recovered files to location that you specify

Procedure to restore data from formatted local drive:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Upon installing software on your computer, run it to start recovering your data from local hard drive
  • When main screen emerges, you will find two main options which are “Partition Recovery” “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Choose second option i.e. “Formatted  / Reformatted Recovery” to move further
  • Select the local drive that is formatted in order to restore its data
  • Allow the application to scan the drive and mark on the files that you want to retrieve by using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview media files for confirmation and at last save them on a location that you prefer

Necessary Information:

  • Keep a copy of files in external hard drive before changing file system of your local hard drive
  • To protect your local hard drive from corruption, download antivirus software on your computer

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