How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 10?

Updated on April 09, 2020

“I accidentally deleted a partition on my Windows 10 hard drive when messing around with the Disk management. And my important documents, Presentation files, my family photos, wedding videos, and other important files are missing. The partition which i lost was formatted with NTFS with 80 GB capacity. How can i recover deleted partition on my Windows 10 hard drive? Please help me! Thanks in advance..!"

If you messed up with the scenario like mentioned above, then don't worry! Read on to learn what to do and how to recover deleted partition in Windows 10 esily with Yodot Hard Drive Recovery, a reliable and safe tool to recover data from deleted, lost, corrupted, and formatted partitions.

What to do after deleting a partition on Windows 10?

Once you delete a partition on Windows 10 either by mistake or intentionally, and want to recover files from deleted partition, then immediately stop using the Windows 10 hard drive in order to avoid overwriting of the files. This is because, if the memory space on the hard drive that was occupied by the files on the partition, just deleted, is replaced with the new files, then it's highly impossible to recover filess from deleted partition. Then, before it's too late, utilize Yodot Hard Drive Recovery utility to get back your files.

Before going on to the solution of deleted partition recovery on Windows 10 with Yodot, it's important to know all the possible scenarios that causes deletion or loss of a partition on Windows 10 hard drive, so that you can be careful on these scenarios and try to avoid these things in future. Few common partition deletion scenarios on Windows 10 are listed below:

  • Interruptions during operating system installation or reinstallation
  • Using unreliable third party tool for creating a new partition or resizing an existing partition on Windows 10. Interruptions like abrupt system shutdown due to power surge or forceful shutdown of the system while resizing a partition can cause deletion of a partition
  • Accidental deletion of a partition while working on Windows 10. You may think of deleting a partition on Windows 10, but instead of deleting the required partition, you may select a wrong partition and delete it
  • Occurrence of problems during OS upgrade

The above mentioned scenarios really frustrates anyone. But, luckily, you need not have to worry! Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is a professional data recovery tool that assists you in recovering files from deleted Windows 10 partition.

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to Recover Deleted Partition Windows 10:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is an ideal choice to recover deleted partition on Windows 10 computer. This tool recovers data from drives formatted with different file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT. This restoration tool ensures data recovery on SSD, USB flash drive, iPod, memory card, camera memory and many other external storage devices. In addition to deleted partition this tool is capable of restoring damaged, crashed, failed, formatted, reformatted hard drive as well as it recover hidden partition on XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003. This utility is capable recovering all types of files such as documents, spreadsheets, audios, videos, text files, data base files, compressed files and many from different storage devices. You can download trial version of the Yodot utility by clicking below given button.

Guidelines – Simple steps to restore deleted partition on Windows 10:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on your Windows 10 PC
  • Select “Partition Recovery” option on main screen then it will move to next screen automatically
  • In next window choose drive from list which is deleted and click on “Next” to continue
  • Later, mark file types which you want to restore back and click “Next” to commence scan
  • After few minutes scan gets complete, then you can sort recovered files either in “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • Finally, save retrieved files in target destination

To get full provision of the Yodot application buy license key of the software.

Important tips for user:

  • Maintain consistent backup of essential data
  • Be careful while performing disk management process

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