Retrieve Files from Failed Flash Drive

Flash drives or pen drives are integral part of the modern lifestyle to carry any kind of data. Most of the people from a college student to an IT processional use flash drives in daily life to store and share data. It is quite easy and simple to use flash drives on various devices, as they are not required any third party application to mount on host device. Apart from providing portability, compact size and huge storage capacity, flash drives have simple internal structure. In some scenarios, simple configuration of flash drive might become one of the reasons behind its failure.

Let us consider some of the symptoms of failed flash drive:

  • Failed flash drive may not shown up when you connected it to the system
  • The device might throw formatting error after hosting on the computer
  • All your data on failed flash drive may turn into shortcuts
  • When you access files and folders from failed pen drives, it will display error stating ‘The drive is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or damaged’ on system

Including these signs, you might observe some other abnormal behaviors of flash drive on system when it gets failed. There are multiple reasons that lead to failure of USB flash drive. Improper usage of flash drive like abruptly disconnecting the device when it is in use, prolonged usage of flash drive, overfilling the flash drive, repeatedly connecting or disconnecting the drive on system, etc might cause damage to flash drive. In such situations, operating system failed to recognize the flash drive and blocks access to flash drive data. Flash drive file system corruption, virus infection and many others also results in failed flash drive and data loss. Losing files and folders of high importance from flash drive due to above discussed factors might be annoying. Well whatever may be the reason, there is no need to get depress!!! With the help of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software, you can easily get back files and folders saved in failed flash drive.

Failed flash drive recovery tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the best file recovery software that can be used to restore data from failed flash drive irrespective of reasons for data loss on Windows system. The application designed with simple interface and straightforward steps to perform recovery of files (Microsoft Office files, ZIP files, RAR files, media files, program files, etc) from failed flash drive. You can even retrieve deleted or missing files from other storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, portable hard drives and so on. The program effectively restore files from various storage device on Windows system installed with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Simple steps to rescue files from failed flash drive:

  • Connect failed flash drive to a healthy Windows computer
  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to that system
  • Launch the program using and follows on screen instructions
  • From the main screen of tool, click on Partition Recovery option in order to get back lost data from failed flash drive
  • After selecting the option, application shows list of drives that are present and the external storage devices that are connected to that PC
  • Now, select the partition that represent your failed flash drive and then proceed to next screen were scanning of selected drive takes place
  • After completion of scanning process, the software displays restored list of files in Data View or File Type View as you desired
  • Next, select the files and folders which you want to restore back
  • At last, select destination location where you want to save rescued files. However not to the same failed flash drive

Helpful Tips:

  • Always maintain additional copies of essential files in one or more storage components
  • Avoid sing flash drive in unsecure systems to keep it free from virus attack
  • Follow specified instructions while disconnecting flash drive from system