How to Recover Files from Non-Bootable Windows?

“Need help! My Windows PC is not booting. I have tried to boot it in safe mode and inserted a CD too for repairing; but still it is unbootable. Now only option for me is to re-install Windows again; but don’t know how to recover files from non bootable Windows system? Can anybody suggest me a suitable method to resolve my problem?”.

Recovering files and folders when Windows is not booting is always a headache. If Windows won’t boot even after running it in safe mode or using the repair disk you must need to re-install the OS but it may be very risky attempt especially if you have some very important files in your computer. Re-installing can erase all the files that are residing in Windows PC on the same partition. Therefore, you must try to be in safer side and try the best to save your files before any unexpected loss occurs. You can try with a reliable third party utility to extract all desired files from hard drive even when Windows PC fails to boot.

Reasons for unbootable Windows!

Basically, Windows doesn’t boot properly when there is problem in boot strapping process. Booting can fail when the boot sector on hard drive is corrupted due to viruses. In such case, required system files won’t get load, then booting will not be performed properly. Similarly, you may run into such undesired problem when file system on Windows hard drive is damaged or corrupted. Along with that, Windows may stop booting if there are issues in Master Boot Record i.e. technically termed as MBR.

What next if Windows is not booting?

When Windows is still unbootable even after trying to boot it in the safe mode or using the repair disk, you can go for the OS re-installation operation. But is there are essential files in your computer try to backup them before you re-install Windows OS. Simply, take out Windows hard drive and connect it as an external drive to any other system and backup your valuable data. However if you have lost files from non bootable Windows then there is another option for you. Just go through following information and know what makes it easy to regain files from non bootable Windows.

Start files recovery from non bootable Windows

Stop worrying about your important files which are missing from non bootable Windows computer and initiate file recovery with the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application. This is a re-known utility that guarantees the fastest data recovery from hard drive when Windows doesn’t boot. Even this software helps you in recovering files when internal hard drive gets detected but not accessible on Windows computers. This software facilitates risk free and complete data recovery from Windows hard drive, when it won’t boot due to boot sector corruption or if the MBR is damaged. It is engineered to restore videos, images, documents, program files, music and other file types from non bootable or un-recognized FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, NTFS5 Windows partitions. Additionally, you can employ this utility in retrieving data from Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and other Windows OS version based computers after re-formatting, OS re-installation, re-partitioning error, system restore, Shift + Delete and other data loss mishaps.

Steps for retrieving files when Windows PC is unbootable:

  • Take out hard disk drive from not bootable Windows PC and re-connect it to a healthy Windows computer
  • Now Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program to the same computer
  • Move to the first step of non bootable Windows data recovery by launching the installed utility to explore the main screen
  • You are offered two advanced options i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery”
  • Select the “Partition Recovery” mode and move to the next window which displays all the drives including that externally connected unbootable hard disk
  • This application re-scans the selected hard disk and shows all partitions on unbootable Windows hard drive
  • You need to select partition or entire hard drive from where files are to be restored and proceed further
  • The software scans selected drive and presents all recoverable files in two different view modes “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • With the help of above view options you can select your required files. Also Preview option is there to provide preview of recovered media files before saving
  • Finally click on the ‘Browse’ button to choose destination location on your computer hard drive and press “Save” button; don’t save restored files to same scanned hard drive


  • Install a powerful anti-virus program to keep your system protected against boot sector viruses
  • Maintain regular backup of all essential files to external storage devices
  • Don’t use unreliable tool to fix boot sector corruption and to manage hard drive partitions in your PC

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