How to Restore Partition Information?

“I had partitioned my Windows 7 hard drive into two and wanted to create another logical partition. I opened Disk Management utility and continued with suggested steps. Somehow, during the process I formatted local disk D instead of formatting newly created partition that has erased complete information from D drive. Is there any possible way to recover partition information that is formatted on Windows OS? Please help.”

Partition on any storage device represents part of memory space logically divided on that device. Information held in each partition will be independent from other partitions on drive. However, hard drive partition may turn corrupt, inaccessible or may even get deleted due to various factors; wherein all user information will be lost. Let us see few possible scenarios of losing partition data in below section:

  • While creating new partition on system hard drive accidentally deleting exiting partitions with important information
  • Use of third party utilities to create / resize partitions on hard drive may corrupt any partition making data saved in it inaccessible
  • File system damage to any partition because of incorrect reformat process or other software conflicts can induce vivid error messages blocking access to information saved in partition
  • Sometimes incorrect OS update, OS reinstallation error and other logical errors may induce partition corruption

When partition data is lost or inaccessible due to any of the factors as said above user might feel that information is lost forever. But relax; there are some possible ways to retrieve partition data on Windows PC with ease.

Partition information recovery tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is one of the best third party utility to restore data from partitions that are deleted, lost or corrupt under any situation. This utility is capable of recovering movies, pictures, documents, MS Office files and many more file types from partitions effortlessly. It can retrieve all data from corrupted, unreadable, error showing or RAW partitions with much ease. Also, this tool can extract data from primary partition as well that is been damaged due to various factors. This partition recovery software can bring back data from internal & external hard drives, USB pen drive, SSD, memory cards, FireWire drives and other storage media with NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT and ReFS file systems. One can easily run this utility on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based PC and laptop to rescue partition information.

Follow these guidelines to bring back partition data:

  • On your Windows computer from where partition information is lost, download the software
  • Next install and launch the tool according to given instructions
  • In main screen, click on ‘Partition Recovery’ option and then choose the system drive and the partition from which data is to be retrieved
  • Later, select file types to recover from selected partition or just click on ‘Mark All’ option
  • You can either skip this step and proceed with scanning process
  • As scanning completes, view rescued data in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Preview selected files and then save all necessary data to host computer hard drive or on other external storage drive

Useful Suggestions:

  • Always follow proper procedure to create, resize or format ant partitions on hard drive
  • Be careful while partitioning external storage devices on Windows computer

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