How to Restore Partitions on PC?

Computer users usually partition entire hard drive memory in to separate logical sections called partitions. The process of dividing hard drive memory in to sections is called partitioning. Each partition can act as single hard drive thus making users to boot the computer with multiple operating systems. These partitions can hold all types of user data along with system resources. Unfortunately, one may become victim of partition loss from PC or desktop in many unexpected situations. For more details consider a real time scenario here.

Assume that you wanted to repartition the hard disk on your PC and installed some online program to perform this. But, the process was very tedious; as a result you dismissed it in between and encountered corruption of an existing partition on hard disk. This partition is now unreadable, leaving all your valuable data in vain.

Situations like this may make you to think what to do with all your stuff lying in corrupted partition. Apart from this there are other possible instances causing inaccessibility of data from PC partitions, such as:

  • Virus Intrusion: Many times when antivirus is not updated for longer time then harmful viruses may enter PC hard drive that may infect partition causing its inaccessibility
  • Partition Table Corruption: Partition table on PC hard drive holds all important information about existing partitions like number of partitions, partition size, starting point and ending pointer value, etc. If this Partition Table gets corrupt due to bad sector or logical error then partitions will become unreadable
  • Deletion Partition: Unexpectedly deleting a partition in the process of creating new one will cause loss of entire data from that PC partition
  • Damaged File System: Each partition on PC can have different file system from NTFS, NTFS5 or ReFS, which plays a major role in accessing data from it. If file system gets corrupt as a result of malware, frequent power outage, etc. it leads to unavailability of partition data
  • Formatting: Accidentally picking up wrong partition on PC hard disk for formatting, forcefully formatting any partition as it shows Drive not formatted error will erase all data from selected partition
  • Other Reasons: Boot sector corruption,Use of third party defragmentation tool, errors during reformatting, making use of partitioning tools to create / resize PC partitions, improper OS reinstalling, etc. may sometimes damage or turn PC partitions in to RAW after which no data from that partition will be accessible

Don’t panic for losing partition data from desktop in any of these situations because there is a way out to get back all data using third party reliable data recovery software.

PC partition data recovery software:

Use of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the appropriate way to bring back partition data from desktop hard drive. It can safely extract partition data after data disasters like partition deletion, repartitioning, etc. It is designed to securely retrieve partitions from PC and laptop hard drives even if hard drive is dead, failed, unrecognized, unbootable, damaged or crashed. It can bring back more than 300 types of files from both internal and external hard drives with SATA, ATA, IDE / PATA, SCSI, RAID and other interfaces. Along with hard disk drives, it can rescue data from USB pen drive, SSD, memory cards, FireWire drive, etc. which have FAT32, FAT16, EXFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 or REFS file systems. One can employ this tool to get back deleted partition data from Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003 operating systems with much ease.

Simple steps to accomplish PC partition data recovery:

  • Download the software on your PC from where partition is lost or erased
  • Install and follow provided instructions to run the utility
  • Main windows shows two options i.e. “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”, click on appropriate option (preferably first option)
  • Further select the drive from which partition is deleted or unreadable
  • It further shows all partitions from that drive, choose the one from which data is to be recovered
  • Next select choose file types that you wish to recover you can even add new file types in to the list or simply skip this step that selects all file types by default
  • By clicking on next, tool scans chosen partition and then displays recovered files in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Preview selected files and finally, save them to selected target location on host Windows system drive or on other external storage device

Notable Tips:

  • Do not format/erase any partition on PC hard drive without checking for proper backup
  • Recurrently hold backup of essential files from PC hard drive partitions to avoid data disasters

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