How to Recover Data When External Hard Drive Says Read Only?

Do you have external HDD that cannot write on your desktop? While many external storage media's default formatting and other setup should have both writable and readable access, there might be times when this is not the case.

Let us glance at real time scenario here: “I have 2TB external hard drive and used it to backup all important files. As my computer was fully infected by virus, I formatted entire external hard drive. The process was successfully done. Later when I tried to open external HD, it was not recognized. After sometimes it appeared a warning message like Read only and need to be repaired. I really need those stuff back from external HD, I can't just blow away the data present in it. Anyone have any idea?”

If you face this kind of situation, the first thing to check is if the drive if formatted to NTFS format. However many popular drives may be formatted to NTFS by default in Windows operating system. To check if the drive is NTFS format, open Disk utility and select it from sidebar. Its format list appears among other details at the bottom of Disk Utility screen.

Usually read-only error with drives, are limited to their formatting; so the above steps should help you to fix it. If the problem crops up again, no need to panic because by using reliable tool you can recover data from inaccessible external hard drive that says read-only.

Reliable features of the product:

By utilizing Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software you can recover external hard drive partition which shows an error message stating read-only on Windows operating system. Its powerful algorithms scan formatted and reformatted drives to retrieve files without causing any damage to file contents. It is engineered to get back documents, Excel sheets, PDF, presentation files, generic media files, compressed files and other file types from formatted, damaged or inaccessible hard drive. It supports file recovery from formatted partitions or storage drives with FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems. It can easily retrieve data from computer hard drives having ATA, IDE, SATA, SCSI, PATA and other interfaces. Along with external hard drive, this utility can recover files from Windows that does not recognize iPod, memory card, pen drives, SSD drives and many other storage drives. It can recover data from Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS.

How to use the tool?

  • After downloading Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on healthy PC, connect external HD to it
  • Install the software and launch it, then the utility will display two options like ‘Partition Recovery’ and ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’
  • In that opt for required option and proceed further
  • Now select drive which represents the drive that was formatted
  • Choose required file types that you want to retrieve or by default all file types will be selected
  • Now allow the tool to initiate scanning process and wait till it gets over
  • After completing the recovery process, you can view restored data either in 'Data View' or 'File Type View'
  • Finally use 'Save Recovery Session' option to save scanning data that can be used to resume scanning process after purchasing the product
  • Later save retrieved data in desired destination location

Point to be Noted:

  • Do not save any new files to external hard drive until you recover files from it
  • Avoid improper ejection of portable hard drive from host device while accessing its data

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