How to Recover Data of a Dead Flash Drive?

Flash drive is low-cost and useful storage medium that is used through the world by people who like to save information on this external storage media other than your systems hard drive. Accessing the data from flash drive is very easy and the user can add or remove the files from flash drives without spending much time, by just following the simple procedure.

It so happened that you have copied some important documents from your office work to your flash drive to complete your pending task at home. Everything goes well until you notice that flash drive connected to your laptop does not get detected, avoiding you access to the information saved in it. This makes you feel that the flash drive has gone dead, causing loss of valuable information.

What to do now? Your work had to be presented at a meeting tomorrow morning and the flash drive that has all these files is dead or not recognized by system for logical issues as listed below

  • Flash drive gets infected with virus when the user transfers or shares files from infected system. Once it is infected with viruses, it goes dead as the infectious program damages the file system and makes it unsuitable for storing data
  • Your flash drive may go dead due to system crash and sudden loss of power when it is being accessed or unwanted interruption during the format process and so on
  • Abruptly removing flash drive from computer when file sharing process is being carried out will certainly corrupt the flash drive making it go dead
  • Cancelling or halting the format process makes your flash drive dead where in, you lose access to all the information stored in it. Therefore care should be taken that format process is not interrupted

There is no need to get upset when your USB drive goes dead! The first thing to do is just relax! Calm yourself. You can easily get to know how to retrieve information from dead flash drive by using the services of flash drive recovery tool which is specially designed to get back data effectively.

Get back information from Dead Flash Drive:

The best recommended application that is used to recover data from dead flash drive is Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool. Whatever may be the scenario causing loss of data, this utility provides specific range of options to recover files in worst case scenarios. The well known feature of this product is that you can save recovery process at any point of time and then resume it at later stage without having to rescan the entire flash drive. In addition to recovering files from dead flash drive, the user can also perform data restoration when your flash drive gets accidentally formatted or when some information is lost due to abrupt removal of flash drive, etc on Windows OS.

How to use this recovery utility?

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software in the system
  • Connect dead flash drive to the computer where the application is installed
  • Run the recovery product and follow procedure provided on main screen
  • Two options will be provided in the main screen, in that you need to click on “Partition Recovery”
  • After that, the logical and as well as physical drives connected to the system are shown
  • Select your flash drive from where files are lost and click on Next button
  • This will take you to the scanning process, you can see the progress using the progress bar respectively
  • Upon selecting the Next button, the retrieved list of files is shown in “Data View” and “File Type File”
  • You can preview recovered information with the help of options provided within the tool/li>


  • Avoid using incompatible third party applications
  • Scan your flash drive regularly to prevent virus infection
  • Use a good power backup source to prevent sudden system shutdown
  • Follow proper procedure to eject your flash drive

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