Rescue Data from Samsung NP355V5C

With handy design, large storage space and decent gaming, Samsung NP355V5C laptops have got familiar internationally. Samsung NP355V5C laptop is well-suited for students, normal users, large firms, professionals and many others equally to accomplish numerous tasks. One can efficiently save official files / documents, games, media files and many more in Samsung NP355V5C laptops. However, because of various human mistakes like shift deletion on important files, empty Recycle Bin without checking its content and others cause permanent deletion of files and folders stored in Samsung NP355V5C laptop.

Along with these slip-ups, if user step into forceful shutdown of Samsung NP355V5C when several files were opened or different applications are running in background, then there is possibility of OS crash and data loss from respective hard drive partitions. Even, using removable storage devices that are infected with viruses or browsing spam websites might make path to harmful viruses into Samsung NP355V5C laptop; thereby resulting in loss of files and folders which are affected by malicious viruses.

On other hand accidental formatting hard drive, improper repartitioning or resizing of partitions, inaccurate file system conversion process, wrong up-gradation of operating systems and other faults which are done by Samsung NP355V5C users can results in huge amount of data loss. In fact this kind of disaster data loss scenarios irritates Samsung NP355V5C laptop users who have stored plenty of valuable files and folders in it. Fortunately, restoring erased or missing data from Samsung NP355V5C laptop is extremely feasible with help of resourceful data recovery program.

Samsung NP355V5C data recovery tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one of the well-optimized data retrieval application used to restore lost or erased data from Samsung NP355V5C laptop. This software extracts MS Office documents, text files, media files, program files, compressed files and others from Samsung NP355V5C hard drive partitions formatted with FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT file systems. You can also restore data from Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus, Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook, Samsung Series 3 laptop, etc. along with Lenovo, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, Wipro, LG and many more laptops / desktops working with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008 operating systems. Adding to Samsung NP355V5C laptop internal hard drive, this application even helps in retrieving data from external hard drives, pen drives, flash cards, SSD drives, FireWire drives and lot more storage drives.

Simple steps to retrieve from Samsung NP355V5C:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on Samsung NP355V5C laptop
  • Launch installed program and track on-screen instructions
  • Select “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option from main screen to recover lost or erased data from Samsung NP355V5C
  • Afterwards, in next screen you will find all partitions present in Samsung NP355V5C laptop, choose the drive or partition from where you have to rescue data
  • Consequently, this software scans selected Samsung NP355V5C laptop partition and shows restorable files under “File Type View” or “Data View” view options
  • Later, mark desired files which you need to get back and click on “Next” button
  • Complete the process by browsing different target location to save retrieved data on Samsung NP355V5C laptop’s partitions

Necessary Instructions:

  • Instantly stop using Samsung NP355V5C laptop because adding new files might leads to data overwriting
  • Frequently backup valuable files and folders stored in Samsung NP355V5C hard drive on secure external storage devices
  • Maintain good anti-virus tool on Samsung NP355V5C laptop to protect vital information from suspicious viruses