Retrieve Data from Failed Seagate Hard Drive

“I have a couple of Seagate external hard drives that I am using to keep backup of day to day work that is carried out in my office. Yesterday, as usual I connected one of my Seagate external hard drives to the office system and selected files to be moved. While moving files files, there was power glitch which caused sudden system. After power resumed, I plugged in my Seagate external hard drive to complete the data backup process; but, system was unable to detect Seagate hard drive connected to it. I restarted my PC and uninstalled some third party tools, which was it of no use. Can anyone help me to find a proper solution for recovering files from failed Seagate hard drive? Thanks!”

With increase usage of digital media more and more number of users can be found with external hard drives that tend to carry multiple TB’s of data in it. Among the wide range of brands, Seagate is commonly known to almost all system users. Seagate manufactures both internal as well as external hard drives that can be used on systems to store, access and share required information. Even though Seagate hard drives provides desired space to keep all files; but it doesn’t guarantee you that saved information will be safe. As explained above users might face real time scenario, where they stuck up with failed Seagate hard drive. Find out other scenarios that can lead to failure of Seagate hard drive on Windows system:

  • Frequent installation and un-installation of third party applications in system can result in Seagate hard drive failure
  • Intrusion of dangerous virus or malware threats may result in failure of Seagate hard disk drive
  • Increased bad sectors, software conflicts and logical errors may lead to failure of Seagate hard drive
  • Abrupt system shutdown, frequent formatting of Seagate hard drive, file system corruption, system file issues, etc are other issues that can render failure of Seagate hard drive

If you need to get access to information present in failed Seagate hard drive, then you must try out the best hard drive data recovery tool; carry on your reading to know which application will suit to your needs.

Seagate hard drive data recovery software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software is good choice for recovering data from failed Seagate external hard drive. It is the safest tool that comes with easy to use of list of options to complete missing or deleted data recovery from failed Seagate hard drive in few simple clicks. Apart from failed Seagate hard drive, you can also retrieve data from Transcend USB Pen drive that is not recognized in the system. Moreover, it is possible to recover missing or erased data from hard drives, pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards, SSD drives, FireWire Drives, drives and other storage drives of various brands like WD, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Sony, SanDisk, Maxtor, Kingston, etc. Windows OS users can install this software on computers running with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS versions. If you need to rescue data failed Seagate hard drive on Macintosh platform, then make use of Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool.

Guidelines to recover data from failed Seagate hard drive on Windows system:

  • Download and install Hard drive recovery application in the system with help of admin account
  • Once recovery tool is installed, launch the program with help of shortcut icon provided on desktop
  • Click on ‘Partition Recovery’ option and then move on to next screen
  • Select Seagate hard drive and then mark all file types that needs to be restored
  • Initiate recovery of data from failed Seagate hard drive by clicking on ‘Next’ button
  • As soon scanning of Seagate hard drive gets completed, user can view restored list of files under ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • Select files that needs to be recovered and save them to known location on your hard drive or to any portable drive

Tips to Note:

  • Keep backup of important data present in Seagate hard drive on safe external storage media
  • Avoid usage of improper tools for partitioning on Seagate hard drive
  • Keep good source of power backup to prevent abrupt system shutdown when data from Seagate hard drive is being used

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