Recovering Partition from Sony Laptop Partition

“I have some problem with my Sony laptop; this is the 10th time it is rebooting and I’m unable to get access to partitions present in its hard drive. I looked in internet to find out better solution for recovering partition present in Sony laptop. Is there a way that is simple enough for novice user like me to restore Sony laptop partition? Waiting for your suggestions, Thanks!”

Sony has manufactured wide range of laptops that have the ability to perform various tasks simultaneously in minimum time. One can create desired number of partitions on Sony laptop hard drive and store required data in it which can be accessed within a click of a mouse button. At times, creating and deleting partitions on Sony laptop can cause deletion or missing of partition or volume may become unreadable leading to loss of entire data. Below mentioned are few scenarios that may create issues related to partitions on Sony laptop hard drive:

  • Accidental deletion of existing partition while creating new volumes or shrinking the size of existing partition on Sony notebook
  • Improper installation of new operating systems on Sony laptop hard disk can damage its partitions and makes in inaccessible
  • Abrupt halt to hard drive reformatting or re-partitioning process may corrupt partitions on Sony notebook
  • Virus or malware infections; bad sectors, system file corruption and other issues causes missing of partitions from Sony laptop hard disk

It is always suggested to keep backup of important data on external storage drive on regular basis. This will make you tension free in case you lose data from Sony Notebook after deletion or missing of partitions. However, don’t worry if you lack backup data, because accurate data recovery tool such as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery can help you in this regard.

Sony laptop partition recovery tool:

With the effective use of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software, one can easily get back data from partition from different series of Sony laptop. This utility has powerful recovery techniques to make sure that data retrieval process can be without facing any blunders. You can recover data from Sony Ultrabook and notebook models released by Sony; also it is possible to recover data from various brands of laptops such as HP, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Compaq, etc by using this laptop data recovery tool.

Guidelines to recover Sony laptop partition on Windows system:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool in the system with the help of admin account
  • As soon as installation process gets completed, user can run the program and follow simple steps
  • Make use of ‘Partition Recovery’ option to retrieve data from deleted , lost or corrupted partition
  • Once the option is clicked, this utility takes you to next window from where you can select respective partition on Sony laptop
  • After the partition has been selected, user can initiate the scanning of selected partition on Sony laptop
  • Upon completion of scanning procedure, restored list of files  and folders can be viewed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Finally select files and choose location on your computer to save recovered data from Sony laptop partition

Tips to Note:

  • Don’t save recovered data to same Sony laptop partition rather save it to external storage drive
  • Avoid usage of unknown recovery tools to create new partitions on your Sony laptop
  • Regularly defragment your Sony laptops hard drive to prevent increase in number of bad sectors
  • Gather all desired information before installation of new operating system on your Sony laptop

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