Data Recovery from Sony VAIO

My Sony VAIO laptop computer was severely attacked by virus and I was able to delete them using a powerful antiviral program. After which my Windows OS restarted. And I got a black screen, which said that some system files are missing. I somehow managed to boot into the system after two to three attempts. But I found that many of the files were missing from my Sony VAIO laptop and also its speed has been gradually decreased. What should I do now to overcome this problem and to get my files back?

To counter these kinds of situations, Sony VAIO laptops are preinstalled with VAIO recovery center, a tool which helps you to restore all the missing files and restore the hard drive. It is also equipped with a recovery partition utility, which contains the Windows set-up files with all default programs and drivers. To use this tool follow the below procedure:

  • Open “All Programs” from the “Start” menu
  • Open “VAIO Recovery Center” application from the program menu
  • Click "Restore C: Drive" option from the VAIO Recovery Center interface
  • Click on "Next" button
  • Start the process by clicking on the “Start” button which restores the C: drive, Windows will be reinstalled and laptop configured back to its factory settings

However if your Sony VAIO laptop contains only one drive then restoring to factory settings results in complete removal of data from the laptop hard drive.

Let us see some of the common reasons for data loss on your Sony VAIO laptop

  • Human Mistakes: Human mistakes such as accidental deletion of a file or folder is one of the main reasons for data loss from VAIO laptop
  • Formatting: Formatting the laptop drive without taking the backup of important files
  • Virus Attack: Virus infection on the laptop hard drive results in file system corruption which in turn leads to data loss from the laptop drive
  •  File system conversion: Converting a file system from one to another i.e. from FAT16 to FAT32 or from FAT32 to NTFS leads to complete data loss from Sony VAIO laptop hard drive
  • Improper System Termination: Turning off your system improperly sometimes lead to data loss from Sony Vaio laptops, this could be due to battery issue or any other reason

So how to recover data after such situations?

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one of the widely used data recovery software to recover data from Sony VAIO laptop. The application has the ability to create “Disk Image” of the hard drive which bypasses the bad sectors, which can be used in the future if any kind of data loss mishap happens. Furthermore supports recovery of more than 300 different file types.

Working of the software

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to your Sony VAIO laptop
  • Open the application and stick to the guidelines appearing on the screen
  • The software displays two options from the main screen, “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Choose either of the two options based on your data loss scenario
  • The tool scans and displays all the physical and logical drives from the laptop
  • Select the drive from where data is to be rescued from and click “Next”
  • The application shows a screen asking for the selection of file type to be recovered, you can make your selection or simply click “Skip” button to select all the file format by default
  • Allow the scanning process to complete
  • After the scanning process, the tool displays all the recoverable data from the laptop
  • Select the files which you want to recover
  • Preview the picture files and save the rescued files to your desired location


  • Do not format or create any new partition after data loss from your Sony VAIO
  • Instantly switch off your laptop if you hard disk makes a clicking sound
  • Defragment your hard drive regularly to increase the laptop speed
  • Use a powerful antiviral program to remove deadly malware from your Sony VAIO laptop

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