Recover Data from Accidentally Deleted Partition

These days it’s pretty common to find single partition on your laptop hard drive. That is C: Drive is the only partition which holds both program files and user files. Even though single partition system will work faultlessly, but there are number of benefits of making secondary partitions in your hard drive.

You can store your office files, music, photos, movies, music collections separately and can even make dual OS setup in your laptop. Most significant benefit of creating multiple partitions is that you can isolate program files from user files. Because you never know when operating system crashes and you are compelled to format the C: Drive. In that case, all your important files that are present in it will also be affected and you end up losing them.

Many of you might have used their laptops with single partition for a long time and later realized the need of multiple partitioned hard disk drive. And tried to make multiple partitions, either on your own or used some third party partitioning tool for that purpose.

Even after taking many precautions, we often end up doing mistakes like accidentally deleting partitions or it got deleted because of partitioning tool error while trying to create, re-size or remove partitions. Some other scenarios due to which partition gets deleted or lost are file system corruption severe virus infections, hard drive failure, sudden power surge, OS re-installation, OS Upgradation etc.

How to recover data from accidentally deleted partition?

In case you have deleted or lost your hard drive partition – don’t worry! You can recover deleted partition data; as it will be still present on hard drive, if you have not overwritten it by any new data. So, immediately stop using the hard dive, otherwise it may overwrite the old data with the new one.

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software is created by using advanced technology that can recover data from accidentally deleted partitions without any difficulty. Sensible options like “Save Recovery Session” and “Raw Search lets you avoid full disk scan and hence saves your time. The software supports recovery of data from hard drives of different manufactures like Apple, Buffalo, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Iomega, Kingston, SanDisk, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital and many others.

Guidelines to recover data with the help of the software

  • Firstly, download and install YoDot Hard Drive Recovery software to your computer. If your hard drive has crashed and not able to boot. Detach the affected hard drive and attach it to a new computer and install the software in it
  • Run the application and follow the instructions coming on the screen to recover data from deleted partition
  • As the main screen emerges, choose “Partition recovery” option
  • A new window pops up displaying all the physical drives present on the computer
  • Select the desired physical drive and let the scanning begin
  •  t will scan and show all the found logical drives, even the deleted or lost ones
  • choose the one from which recovery of files is to be done
  • Now, choose from the list of files that you want to recover (to avoid unwanted files) with help of two view types provided i.e. “Data type” and “File type
  • Use “Save Recovery Session” option to save scanning info that can be used to resume scanning process after buying the software
  • Store the recovered files to another drive or CD / DVD. You can even compress the recovered files in a ZIP archive

Precautions to be taken

  • Regularly backup all your files to avoid loss of data due to sudden causes
  • Prior to deleting a partition, make sure about the selection, i.e. whether it's the right partition or not, or if any important file is left in it or not
  • Make your partitions read-only, to avoid accidental formatting or deletion
  • If you have deleted your hard drive partition, then right away stop using the hard drive

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