Recover Data from Formatted Partition

The process of preparing a storage media for storing files is known as formatting. In other words, formatting is the act of deleting or erasing all your data that is currently present on your storage media and allows you to store new data.

Both the statements above describe the definition of formatting, but what actually happens internally when formatting is done to a storage drive? Answer to this question is explained below; Let us take the example of a hard drive partition. A logical drive / partition in a hard drive consist of system area and data area. The data area is the region where files are stored in clusters. The system area consists of boot sector that stores the information regarding total no of sectors, size of cluster and start & end sector of the partition, the file allocation table stores the cluster numbers belonging to each file and the root directory stores file name, size, date of creation, date of modification and root folder details.

Hence when you format the hard drive partition, it will delete or erase all the references related to the files from the system area and create a completely new file system indicating that all the sectors in the data area are free and can be overwritten.

Scenarios related to formatting

  • Formatting hard drive partition or any other storage media accidentally
  • Reformatting the storage media while converting the file system from FAT16 / FAT 32 to NTFS or vice versa
  • While connecting the memory card or any other drive to your PC, the OS calls for disk initialization for formatting the drive

Is it possible to recover formatted data?

When you format a storage drive or partition, only the file names from the root directory and the file allocation table are erased. However all the data is not deleted or removed. But you should immediately stop writing any new data to the drive in order to avoid further damage leading to permanent deletion.

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software is the most powerful and most reliable software to recover data from formatted partitions / drives and even performs lost partition recovery. It is highly reliable because it does not write even a single byte to the drive / partition from where it is recovering data. Supports recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and exFAT partitions / drives.

Steps to follow

After downloading YoDot Hard Drive Recovery software in your PC or laptop, install and run the software

  • When the main window appears,┬áselect "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option
  • The software will scan the computer to display all the physical drives present on your PC or laptop
  • Now, choose the physical drive and allow the software to scan the physical drive. It will display all the partitions present on it
  • Now, select the logical drive / partition┬áto recover all the formatted data
  • As the scanning task ends, software displays all the files that are recovered from the selected partition or drive in two different view types (for easy selection of files) i.e. file type view and data type view
  • Browse to select the destination location; you can even store the recovered files to an external drive or CD / DVD. You can even compress the recovered files in a ZIP file to save disk space

Tips for recover data from Formatted Partitions:

  • After formatting avoid reformatting the drive, as this can make your recovery attempt more difficult
  • After formatting, do not use the drive again to create more partition as this may cause permanent loss of data

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