Recover Data from Transcend StoreJet 320GB Portable HD

“My computer’s performance had been decreased and it was responding lately for my command. As it was very old, I thought of replacing it with newer one; as decided I have backed up entire data to my Transcend StoreJet 320GB external hard drive and sold my computer. Now when I connected Transcend Storejet 320GB portable hard drive to my new computer, it displayed a message in task bar that ‘USB drive not recognized’. Even though it is not displaying in Windows explorer, I can see it in ‘Disk management utility’. Does anyone know how to restore my data from Transcend StoreJet 320GB portable hard drive? Hope to get positive response!!!”

Transcend StoreJet is a light weighted portable hard drive that can be conveniently carried to anywhere. It features 3-stage shock protection system which protects it from sudden jolts or excessive vibration. It is compatible with many desktop and notebook computers as it uses high speed USB 2.0 interface that facilitate data transfer rates up to 480MB/sec. It offer convenience plug and play feature with one touch Auto Backup button. Even though it can store huge amount of data, it does not guarantee you to safeguard your files and folders saved in Transcend Storejet 320GB external hard drive. Occasion that causes loss of data from Transcend 320GB StoreJet portable drive are:

  • Logical Failure: In case Transcend Storejet 320GB portable drive is logically failed, it will produce clicking noise and show improper behavior such as displaying error message or disappearing from Windows Explorer. So you should take action and backup data from it; if you make delay then there may be the possibility losing data from Transcend Storejet 320GB external hard drive
  • Partition Deletion: As Transcend StoreJet’s storage capacity is 320GB, it allows you to create partition to manage and organize your data. But improper method followed to create partition or choosing wrong option for deleting could remove existing partition from Transcend Storejet 320GB portable drive along with its data
  • Power Failure: Power failure at the time of viewing or transferring files from Transcend StoreJet 320GB portable hard drive to your computer could make you to lose your files from Transcend Storejet drive without any intimation
  • Inappropriate Ejection: To Eject Transcend StoreJet 320GB portable hard drive, you should right click on its drive and select “Eject” option. You can also eject Transcend StoreJet 320GB external hard drive from task bar by clicking on USB icon. However, many users do not follow these techniques and take it abruptly which causes loss of their precious data from Transcend StoreJet 320GB drive

As Transcend StoreJet 320GB portable drive provides one touch backup button, you should utilize it in a proper way. In case you fail to make use of it and lose data due to any of above instances, then e best way to get back your data from Transcend StoreJet 320GB portable hard drive is using assured hard drive recovery software.

Transcend Storejet 320GB recovery software:

By using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software, you can easily restore vital data from Transcend Storejet 320GB portable hard drive irrespective of data loss scenario. It will display file types separately for your convenience and facilitate two view types for easy selection of recovered files. You will be able to retrieve entire partition and its data without altering its original file structure. You can retrieve any amount of data and if you have stored full 320GB of data in Transcend Storejet drive, then you will be able to restore that also. It is possible to recover data from Transcend Storejet HD and other portable hard drive brands Toshiba, HP, Western Digital, Seagate, Kingston, Maxtor, Imation, Hitachi, Samsung and so on. The procedure involved in data recovery process is also very easy and you will understand every step and commence it without taking anyone’s help. Utilize this outstanding hard drive data recovery tool to rescue various files like MS Office documents, photos, videos, music, archive files and many others from Transcend Storejet drive. It works effectively to recover data from external and hard drives on computer running with Windows 8.1, Windows8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Step by step procedure to recover files from Transcend StoreJet 320GB drive:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer by following few instructions
  • Run the tool and go as per the instructions displayed on the screen
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Make your selection based on situation you have come across
  • Now choose hard drive that indicates Transcend Storejet 320GB portable hard drive
  • Allow the application to scan Transcend Storejet 320GB portable drive and then pick recoverable files
  • Use “Data View” and “File Type View” for easy selection of files
  • Preview recovered media files and at last save them on a safe location on your computer hard disk and on external storage drive

Tips for Future Use:

  • Safely remove Transcend StoreJet 320GB portable hard drive from your computer by using proper option
  • Do not use Transcend StoreJet 320GB removable drive when your computer is shutting down frequently due to unknown causes

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