How to Access Files on Second Hard Drive?

Written by Lucy John on April 17, 2023

“Hi, my computer has 2 hard drives - drive C (Main bootable drive with W10) and drive D (with Win 7). I used to boot from drive D until I fall short of room on it. So, I used to choose drive C as boot drive every time I lunch Windows. I haven't boot via D from long time. I use Avast program and did “boot time scan” last week. Avast spotted “data errors” on few files of D drive, but I didn't pay much attention on it. However, I saw the message “Windows is fixing Drive D” on screen when I boot the system today. Drive D is not showing its used space and free space info; when I try to access it I got an error stated that “Reformat the Drive”. My Drive D has data, which I really need. How can I reformat it without getting off my files? How do I access the drive without reformatting? All of a sudden what happened to my drive? Please help me”.

The main reason for you to experience above situation might be due to corruption of your D drive partition or its file system. If the drive has logically damaged data, bad sectors, malwares, issues in its file system etc OR if it is handled inappropriately, its DBR, MFT are broken, formatting failed, undergone power breakdown, abrupt shutdown during usage then also it may come up with reformat the drive, parameter is incorrect error messages when you try to access the drive. The corruption may also turn the disk into RAW drive (where partitions became inaccessible i.e. none of standard formats like FAT, NTFS).

So now, how to fix your second drive that is showing various errors? Here is answer.

Run CHKDSK on your erroneous hard drive and see you can fix up those issues.

How to run CHKDSK?

Now try to access your drive. If CHKDSK fail to fix errors then you need to format your second drive that became RAW and assign it a new file system. Before that, make use of HDD recovery application and safeguard all your files stored on the second drive.

Yodot to recover files from inaccessible second drive:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool helps to convert a RAW drive into NTFS or FAT file system without losing your data. The program scans your hard drive that turned to RAW or shows different errors like Parameter is incorrect, Reformat the drive etc, recovers each files located on it and presents them in two simple view types. You can easily find your adequate data based on its modified date, file name, file types, etc in less time frame. No physical or logical modification will be done to your data residing on inaccessible drive, to the affected drive or to any part of your system. The software is 100% trouble free and safe to use. It supports numerous file types as well storage spaces for restoration and developed to operate perfectly on all editions of Widows. You can avail a wonderful technical assistance along with optimum interface of the application.

Steps to backup unreachable drive data with Yodot:

Now format your second drive completely and assign it a new file system (FAT/NTFS).

Avoid these:

  • Abrupt system shutdown and incorrect way of ejecting drive
  • Over usage of drives (extended life span)
  • Utilizing external devices without scan

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